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You should have extensive experience in hiring and supervising medical staff, as well as developing and executive medical care strategies. Typically, the job may require some travel and being on-site a few times a week. How to get the job: Emphasize any previous experience in patient care and administrative supervision.

Strong writing and communication skills are a must for a medical director, who also often acts as the "face" of a department or organization.

Comment Synopsis There are plenty of opportunities available online that let you work from home. Here are a few options you can consider. Here are a few options. There are plenty of opportunities available online that let you work from home.

Companies are also realizing that, beyond saving on real estate, employing remote workers expands their talent pool and increases retention. Data scientists use computing frameworks to analyze large, raw data sets and develop actionable insights in a variety of industries.

How to get the job: In addition to being extremely intuitive about datastrong communication skills are a requirement.

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The non-technical aspect of data science is storytelling — what is the data telling us? Showing a track record of your skills as a strong writer and communicator will give you the competitive edge.

The development of the Internet over the past forty years has opened an entirely new medium for communication and commerce. Creative individuals with something to say or something to sell and technical interests and abilities can use the Internet to reach vast numbers of people. Internet entrepreneurs are individuals who are familiar with the culture and technology of the Internet and are able to apply their knowledge to sell products or services via the Internet.

The job is surprisingly collaborative, so expect to work closely with coders and UX designers. How to get the job: You should have a B.

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At the very least, you'll need to have a strong grasp on a versatile hardware, software and programming language. Actuaries generally work in the insurance industry, and their responsibility is to predict how much money a company needs at present in order to pay for some financial loss in the future. How to get the job: Actuary jobs require professional certification.

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The job requires mastery of Excel to sort through and format data, so you'll be in better shape if you can brag about those advanced skills. Emphasize any experience closely related to data analysis, risk management or investments.

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The role is very collaborative, and you'll be working with managers across the organization to implement best practices and ensure the recommendations are working. How to get the job: Serious problem-solving skills and good time-management is a must.

Global payment platform Payoneer asked more than 23, freelancers around the world.

Also, your communication skills need to be on point; you'll be writing a lot of proposals and working with managers and their teams on various projects. Any work experience in management, human resources or information technology will increase your value.

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