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    ICO, STO, Blockchain Registration Lithuania currently offers cryptocurrency exchange and crypto currency depository wallet operator registration being one of few European Union EU member states having virtual currency licensing and authorisation procedure.

    Nevertheless, licensed financial institutions allowed to serve the fiat payments of the crypto registered companies and their clients creating effective vehicle for crypto-fiat payments. Bank of Lithuania Central bank and financial regulator and Lithuanian Tax Inspectorate have officially published positions on cryptocurrency transactions, taxation and other crypto related issues.

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    Private individuals and companies dealing with cryptocurrencies have clear guidance moving funds from traditional fiat currency into cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc.

    Security Token Offerings STO licensing European regulators follow the recommendations of European Central Bank and European Banking Authority that all cryptocurrency-based instruments having features of securities are subject to the laws and regulations regulating public issue of securities.

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    Cryptocurrency investment fund Financial institutions often face difficulties offering cryptocurrency-based investment instruments bitcoin registration traditional investors because of the regulatory barriers. Lithuanian regulation allows Lithuanian licensed alternative investment funds designed for alternative investors invest their assets into the cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-based investment instruments.

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    Bank and electronic money accounts for Bitcoin registration companies Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet operators usually need the segregated client funds account with the bank or other financial institution for client funds processing. Opening of the client funds account for crypto company usually is challenging process.

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    Bank account for crypto company own funds usually opened during the company incorporation process. Segregated bank or EMI account for client funds opened after the company registration and authorization.

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