Estimated Total Earnings by Channel

How much money do you make video


    Cost per 1, impressions is a metric that represents how much money advertisers are willing to spend for ads on your YouTube videos.

    how much money do you make video

    But as Business Insider points outno YouTube creator consistently has the same CPM, as advertisers pay different rates based on a variety of factors like geography, seasonality, and topic typically, your CPM rate is higher for informative, business-focused content over personal vlogs, as an example.

    To really make money, you have to go beyond views If you want to make millions of dollars on YouTube, the reality is that you need more than a lot of subscribers.

    The top YouTube accounts use their content as a springboard for other ways of generating revenue, which include: Merchandise sales YouTubers can make more money off of merch than they do from ads.

    how much money do you make video

    If a creator has an engaged, loyal audience, their profits from selling mugs, T-shirts, coffee beans, totes, stationary, or online education videos will can be significant. Advertisement Patreon Patreon allows creators to make money from their most loyal subscribers in exchange for exclusive content and perks.

    how much money do you make video

    This blog post has a good breakdown of how a Patreon account can be used to increase your revenue above and beyond what you can make from YouTube ads.