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What were the choices? C64 and Spectrum were yesterday's news. Mac's were single colour and oh so expensive. The ST was a quick cheap hack solely to ruin the Amiga's day after Atari failed to buy rip-off the Amiga.

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It had midi which meant it found a significant niche. Amiga had prioritisable pre-emptive multi tasking that actually worked, and multi colours.

It compared with workstations Even AmigaDOS that took a lot of flak was better than the others as it felt rather like Unix lite to use.

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Porting most unix command line and terminal apps was pretty trivial. Most of the ideas were innovative; dozens of DMA channels, copper and blitter as co-processors with their own memory access, autoconfig that worked. Ten years later Windows 95 came out with plug and pray to finally end the pissing about with jumpers, shared interrupts and bios config. Wasn't as good as Autoconfig, nor anything like as reliable.

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Code sizes were tiny thanks to shared libraries. I remember when I had to switch to PC - one package I ran came on something like 15 or more Windows floppies.

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The Amiga version had come on 2, yet did more. The second disk was example files. It was the same when I tried my first GUI hello world under windows - why is this 50k when the amiga version, that had the same resizeable window, icons and such, was something under 1k?

Note: Image sizes can vary from K to about 3M.

Why do I have to write all this glue code to do things the OS should be doing? It should have obliterated Microsoft and PCs as on every significant point options graphics archive was comparing a Mercedes with a Trabant.

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The Byte and PCW reviews on its 85 release felt similarly. I imagine early Mac owners feel similar, for different but equally justified reasons. It's hard not to be nostalgic or feel there was a huge missed options graphics archive to build the future on a better foundation.

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