Why Making Money In Transportation Services Is So Elusive, And What's The True Value Of Disruption?

Make money on transportation


    How to Make a Business Plan for Charter Buses The ability to drive long financial independence ratio below normal, an enthusiasm for seeing a bit of the countryside and the desire to be your own boss make transporting vehicles an opportunity worth exploring.

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    However, the high cost of fuel and expenses make careful planning key to making a profit. Getting Started Decide what kind of service you want to provide, such as personally driving cars for people moving long distances or hauling their cars on a trailer. If you choose the latter option, you'll need a vehicle able to haul multiple autos and an open or enclosed trailer to hold your cargo.

    You'll also have to register with the U. Department of Transportation to obtain a DOT number.

    Also, transportation does not limit itself to travelling.

    If you want to provide interstate hauling, you also need a motor carrier, or MC, number. Familiarize yourself with long-distance driving regulations so you and the drivers you hire are complying with federal and state rules.

    Go the Distance The target market you approach will depend on the services you offer.

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    Look for companies and auto brokers that need several vehicles hauled at once to make the most money from each trip. Mechanics and auto collectors who buy antique cars and want them moved to their garage or to a car show are another target market, although they may only need one car moved at a time.

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    If you want to provide services to individuals by driving their vehicles to a new location, make money on transportation for people who need to move to another region. Self Promotion People want to know their vehicles will arrive in the condition in which they shipped them, so gather testimonials from satisfied customers and add them to your website and brochure.

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    If you provide trailer-hauling services, improve credibility by explaining that your licenses and insurance are in order and that your employees are required to maintain accident-free records. Cost of Service Transportation services for hauling multiple cars are typically charged by the mile.

    Al I have to do now is convince you of the same. As most of them will no longer be working full-time jobs they will spend a lot of time in their homes. As they age at home, some with lose some of their independence through illness, strokes and vision impairment. With many seniors who do not have friends or family living nearby, getting away from home for even a simple task like picking up mail at the post office or attending a medical appointment becomes a major chore.

    However, if you're moving individual cars you should charge a per-mile fee as well as expenses such as flying back to your home base. To boost profits, find ways to offer upgrades, such as selling the best position in a transport load for more money.

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    Provide the option of enclosed car transport as another premium to make more money from each trip.