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    Trade with Quality. Satoshi Option is the first of binary options trading platform to accept Bitcoins. Satoshi Option allows Bitcoin users from all over the world to use and apply the cryptocurrency with binary options trading — a more convenient choice for traders. The trading platform has opened endless possibilities and continues to impress through its straightforward interface and procedures.

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    When trading with this platform, investors just have to predict based on the price of an asset and binary options satoshi whether its value will go up or down within a certain duration. The durations vary from 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 60 minutes, 3 hours, end of day 24 hoursor end of week hours.

    Trade durations are selected by traders, so it is up to them on whether they will go for shorter or longer expiration times.

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    This indeed makes Satoshi Option a more exciting and adequate trading platform among others. Sending a trade is also simple and fast.

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    Investors just need to send Bitcoins to the assigned Bitcoin address that is readily indicated on the site. The duration of the chosen option will start immediately once the Bitcoin transaction goes through. All clients have to do after this is wait for the results of their respective investments.

    Players may know the results of their bets after the selected trade duration expires.

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    Satoshi Option automatically notifies a trader on whether there has been a trading options or loss in the investment.

    This possesses a personal Bitcoin wallet address that is forwards funds directly when trading on a web browser.

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