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    By Cory Mitchell Updated Aug 30, Out-of-the-money OTM options are more cheaply priced than in-the-money ITM or in-the-money options because the OTM options require the underlying asset to move further in order for the value of the option called the premium to substantially increase. Out-of-the-money options are ones whereby the strike price is unfavorable when compared to the underlying stock's price. The further out of the money an option is, the cheaper it is because it becomes less likely that underlying will reach the distant strike price. Although OTM options are cheaper than buying the stock outright, there's an increased chance of losing the upfront premium. Since the probability is low that the stock could make such a dramatic move before the option's expiration date, the premium to buy the option is lower than those options that have a higher money option of profitability.

    Out of the Money In the Money vs. Out of the Money: An Overview In options trading, the difference between money option the money" ITM and "out of the money" OTM is a matter of the strike price's position relative to the market value of the underlying stock, called its moneyness.

    Key Takeaways In options trading, the difference between "in the money" ITM and "out of the money" OTM is a matter doji binary options the strike price's position relative to the market value of the underlying stock, called its moneyness.

    money option

    OTM options are more commonly traded for strategies such as covered calls or protective puts. In the Money ITM options have their uses.

    Mark Wolfinger Updated November 25, Trading using options is a method traders use to try to purchase investments at an optimum price.

    For example, a trader may want to hedge or partially hedge their position. They may also want to buy an option that has some intrinsic value, and not just time value. That is not to say ITM option won't have large price moves, they can and do, but, compared to OTM options, the percentage moves are smaller. One is not better than another; it just comes down to what works for the best for the strategy in question.

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    Calls A call option gives the option buyer the right to buy shares at the strike price if it is beneficial to do so. An in the money call option, therefore, is one that has a strike price lower than the current stock price.

    Puts Put options are purchased by traders who believe the stock price will go down.

    ITM put options, therefore, are those that have strike prices above the current stock price. In the money options carry a higher premium than out of the money options, because of the time value issue discussed above.

    money option

    Out of the Money In the money or out of the money options both have their pros and money option. One is not better than the other.

    When your Call Options expires In The Money ITMyour In The Money call options will be automatically exercised if you have enough funds to buy the underlying stocks at the strike price you bought the call options. If you do not have enough money in your trading account to buy take delivery of the underlying stock, then you should sell the In The Money Options ITM Options and take profit before the call options expires. Could you exercise the in the money call options, take delivery of the underlying stock and then immediately sell the stocks? Yes, you can do that but your profit would be exactly the same as when you simply sell the options and you money option have incurred a lot more commissions in the process of buying the stocks and selling the stocks. This is why options traders also sell in the money options and not exercise them unless for the express purpose of owning and holding the stock beyond expiration.

    Although, trading on a shoe-string budget is not advised. Some of the uses for OTM options include buying the options if you expect a big move in the stock. The flip side is that these options can move against you very quickly as well, though the risk is limited to the amount paid for the option assuming you are the option buyer and not the option writer.

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    • A call option is in the money ITM when the underlying security's current market price is higher than the call option's strike price.
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    • Article Reviewed on July 31, Michael J Boyle Updated July 31, An option contract's value fluctuates based on the price of the asset underlying it, such as a stock, exchange-traded fund, or futures contract.