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Money how to make a student

Student News Once upon a time, students needed to fund their way through university by working in fast food chains or grotty pubs.

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  • Through the power of technology, lateral thinking and good old-fashioned elbow grease you can add some cash to your coffers and reduce your debt without the need to get a part time job.

Now, thanks to the internet, new opportunities have opened up allowing this generation of lazy learners to raise their beer funds online. Of course, the classics still provide a job option but here are a few more suggestions for students to make money.

Five savvy ways to make money as a student

Online surveys There is no shortage of online surveys out there desperate for your opinions on just about anything.

It has become an essential part of consumer based research and can be done in your own time between classes at your own pace.

money how to make a student

The downside is purely that in order to really score from this option you really need to take as many as possible. Mystery shopping What was once a much more difficult to get into option has been opened up by new media, in this case an app that allows you to become a mystery shopper.

money how to make a student

Complete numerous pre-set tasks in and around your local area and receive cash rewards to your PayPal account. Of course, you can always opt for the much more complicated procedure of waiting for the acceptance of the old fashioned agencies who also pay you to go shopping and feedback your consumer experience.

Web search Why not keep things simple and get paid for an everyday activity?

How to Make Money Coding From Home (even if you're a student)

Sites that an arrange this, will require you install a browser add-on that documents your searching before offering cash rewards. Sell your notes For cash, let others much lazier students than yourself, piggy back your genius by sharing your class notes at a price.

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Create an online Poker Career Did you know that Norwegian Annette Obrestad was just 15 when she began playing online poker? Indicators for 60 second options the rise of online poker sites, looking for the most valuable one can be quite difficult.

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You need to look at what will benefit you the most, what will make you the most money as a student such as welcome bonuses. If you want to start your poker career this South African tailored guide has the best sites and tips to help you get started.

money how to make a student

This is another new age option that has rewarded its very best earners with millions allowing money how to make a student to make it a whole new career. Known as gigs, these service can include teaching, making music or art.

money how to make a student

Be a TV extra There is no business like show business and even the most ugly, talentless student can be paid to be a part of it. All you need to do is find one of those online agencies and apply to be an extra.

money how to make a student

Be the Pizza guy Got license, give pizza. Everybody lives pizza so why not deliver the takeaway favourite between classes?