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Create a vk token

The main purpose of repository is to format request config for VKAPI instance, so he could perform request and return data.

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Each request is added to queue and executed only after timeout, calculated according to rps property, is elapsed. So, there is no case when you were banned due to sending too many requests per second.

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There is a multi-thread multi-workers support for those projects which are launched in this mode. VK API has its restriction, so make sure you have passed correct value.

Additionally, you can pass properties accessToken and lang which will be used as default parameters for each create a vk token. So, you have no need to pass them each time until overriding is needed. It does not make any influence on outer code flow.

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If this value is not passed, requests will be executed in usual mode and on the browser side they will fail due to VK's CORS. Each repository is named according to its name in API.

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So, you are free to perform custom requests. It contains property data which contains all error data it is typed, by the way.

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Moreover, lib contains enum ErrorsEnum which is a set of all known errors. You can find more complex example here.

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For example, you could create separate api instances for group and application which use different access tokens. So then, it is allowed to pass same property tunnelName for both provider and consumer.