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Video Marketing Today we'll be covering everything there is to know about explainer videos, from types of explainer videos, to explainer video examples, to tips for making a stellar explainer video that will jumpstart conversion rates. Ready to see why explainer videos are a must-have for any startup business? Let's get started! What is an explainer video?

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The question is — how do you bitcoin rotator your own explainer video? Live action explainer videos are usually best for companies selling a physical product or people-oriented service, such as a restaurant, or consulting group. Having flesh and blood people in your explainer video can create an emotional connection for viewers, as we are make a video as a model on the Internet drawn to other human faces.

Animated Explainer Videos: The most popular type of explainer video, animation is often the preferred format for explaining services or intangible tech products like software. Some services involve few, if any, physical objects, making live action an unrealistic option. Animated explainer videos allow for more creativity, and are easier to edit or update when you want to make future adjustments.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos: A whiteboard video is an explainer video in which animation is hand drawn and erased on a whiteboard.

This is especially true for those who might not have been exposed to as much technology as they are now. Perhaps you'd never been on a group video call until Easter dinner. Maybe you've never played an online card game with friends in another city.

This format of video has become popular due to its ease of operation and low cost, making it one of the cheapest types of explainer video to create. They follow through and go all-in with this wacky video, which we also featured in our blog post about funny advertisements. What makes this explainer video work so well? Dollar Shave Club knows their audience really well, down to a tee. Their market is something year old men who would be open to the idea of ordering a steady supply of razors online.

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Dollar Shave Club is a great example of a well-structured explainer video. PooPourri is an outrageous product, so their humor can be outrageous as well. Mint Mint is a perfect example of why some businesses are much better off with animation rather than live action. Airbnb Airbnb uses a cool combination of live action and animation to show the unique and reasonably priced experiences obtained by using Air Bnb.

This explainer video does a great job of showing the perks of the Airbnb system while also explaining them verbally. Do you have any favorite explainer video examples you recommend? What do you like about them? Let us know in the comments! How to make an explainer video We're going to take you through the steps of how to make your own explainer video!

View all templates Members have their say We used Moovly to create video templates for a client offering several variations of their services.

It's no easy task, requiring a ton of focus and effort, but we can guarantee it's worth the work. Step 1: Write the video script The script is the most important element in creating a good explainer video. What freaks out your potential customers?

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What confuses them about your product or offering? It is recommended that your explainer video script follow this general outline… 1.

Quick overview of your product and what it does 2. Introduce the problem 3.

Answer the problem with your solution via product or service 4. Call to action e. Broadcast your trust signals such as well-known clients, awards, write-ups, etc. Explainer video script best practices Keep it short — 90 seconds or less is ideal. Your key message and value proposition should be in the first 30 seconds. Keep in mind the tone you want for your explainer video.

Internet video - Wikipedia

Most videos opt for a casual, conversational tone. Try a touch of humor — videos with some subtle laughs tend to be more enjoyable. Some options are: Voices. Craigslist: Ah yes, old reliable. You can find just about anything on crazy Craigslistincluding voiceovers.

Step 3: Explainer video production There are a number of different paths you can take when it comes down to the actual creation and production of your explainer video.

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Options include… Bring Out the Pros: There are some very talented professional video production companies out there that can help you make a killer promotional video. Anyone with some basic computer skills can use this animated explainer video software. They even have a tutorial series to walk you through building your creation.

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This awesome post from Wistia will show you how. DIY filming is a great way to create cheap explainer make a video as a model on the Internet.

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For the editing, iMovie or Camtasia are good choices. If you want to take on a DIY animated explainer video, this animation toolkit from Salsify can provide you with a ton of great animation tools and resources. Hire a Freelancer: Experienced freelancers can provide high-quality explainer video production assistance at a much lower cost than a large production company. You should be able to find one easily enough on craigslist or other freelance sites.

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Crowd Sourcing: One option you might give a go is the video crowd-sourcing company Video Brewery. Some places to score tracks include… MusOpen : Offering free music resources such as recordings, sheet music, etc. Free Sound: A database of Creative Commons licensed audio samples and recordings.

YouTube: The king of video itself offers some free background music to use in video creations. Audio Jungle: Royalty free audio files including loops, sound effects, and more. Some are a cheap one-time purchase and royalty free, others require attribution, etc. Step 5: Measure the performance of your explainer video Measure video engagement and be ready to tweak the heck out of your video.

Imagine seeing plays, pauses, how many viewers hit the 30 sec. Wistia has some nice analytic tracking options too, and also makes it easy to sync up Wistia and Google Analytics. Now enjoy the advantages of your new explainer video! Explainer videos have a ton of benefits, such as: Increasing conversions Keeping viewers on your page for 2X longer Getting the word out about your product — videos are easy to share on Facebook and Twitter Repurposing for various needs — an explainer video can be repurposed for an investor pitch, an email signature, among other uses Now go forth and create some killer explainer videos!

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