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Achievements John Arnold John Arnold, a man about whom we can confidently say: he made himself. Rezvyakov training in trading first job was as a trader at the US energy giant, Enron. InForbes magazine ranked John Arnold th in the richest Americans. Thus, Arnold became the youngest American billionaire. John Arnold was named the best Forex trader.

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Quotes from great rezvyakov training in trading Time is more important than price, when the time comes, the price reverses. Martin Zweig It's okay if you're wrong, but it's not forgivable if you stay in this state.

Doug Cass Small losses are part of the game. Large losses can knock you out of the game. Clement Stone Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Have the courage to do what is right because it is right. Bertrand Russell The biggest problem in the world is that fools are always confident, while smart people are always plagued by doubts.

Thomas Sauvel People need to understand that the truth is often simple. It is much more difficult to see the truth. William O'neill The most serious mistake most Forex how to make money on options without risk video make is to let their losses go by themselves.

Diversification is the insurance against ignorance. Bruce Kovner Michael Marcus - one of the top traders - taught me one simple and important thing: you have to want to make mistakes on a regular basis, since there is nothing wrong or shameful about it. Michael taught me to make my best decisions and judgments, make mistakes, make another great decision, make mistakes, find the third best judgment, and make a decision that will double your capital.

And it doesn't matter which market you trade in. I just leave, because I believe that if one day you lose in the market, all subsequent decisions will be much less objective than they were in a good scenario If you stay when the market is radically opposed to you, then sooner or late he will leave you with nothing.

Tony Saliba I always identify my risks, so I don't need to worry about them.

Victor Sperandeo The key to trading success is emotional discipline. If intelligence were the key, then many traders would make money trading If the positions were in my favor, I would hold them. Risk management is the most important nuance in trading. If you have a losing position that makes you uncomfortable, get rid of it so that you always have the opportunity to return.

I always think about losses, not profits. Don't focus on making money - focus on protecting your capital that you already have.

What does a trader do. What is a trader? Choose a broker

I'm sure the biggest money is made in market reversals. Everyone says you fail in trying to pick tops and bottoms, and you make all your money by playing with the trend in the middle. Okay, for twelve years I've been missing out on mid-gains, but I've made a lot of money on tops and bottoms. Marty Schwartz Over the past few years in the markets, I've learned that it's very important to take a few days off. The natural urge is to play until you get the most out of your winnings, but experience has taught that relaxation and a fresh perspective can always expand opportunities.

Randy McKay I will reduce the size of my trading positions as long as I lose My money management techniques are very conservative. I never run the risk of materially affecting the funds in my account - leave my account alone.

About the seminar Gerchik wrote not so long ago in the LJ, and then Martin posted a blog interview with Alexander Rezvyakov, I listened with great interest. There was quite banal things, type to let profits run, to cut losses, to trade trends and comfortable amount. However, expressed more presenters and invited experts, than Alexander.

George Soros Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and fluctuations, and money is made by calculating the obvious and the rates not unexpected. Larry Williams No matter how hard we try to enlighten the trader, informing him important informationhe will inevitably be disappointed, he will forget everything, or he simply does not have the will to use it effectively in practice.

Linda Raschke If the market offers you an unexpectedly large profit on a trade, you should take it in. Alexander Elder You can only succeed in trading the stock exchange when you treat it like serious intellectual work.

Emotional play is deadly. Tom Berovik Develop a trading style that is compatible with your psychology. Your trading style should match your personality exactly.

If data of the next contracts are approximately equal, then we choose the more distant term. Surely we specify the last day of the trade and date of an expiration of the chosen contract not to remain with the open transaction in the last hours of its existence. Otherwise, at best, you have to be closed in the thin market with non-standard spreads, and in the worst — the broker will fix your transaction on very unprofitable price. Strategy for trade by futures Almost all trade strategy, which have well proved on future assets, can be applied successfully on Forex, but at the observance of some rules.

Walter Bressert The market is all about emotions. He pushes all your levers of fear and greed, sniffs out all your weaknesses. I have to rezvyakov training in trading the emotional part. I made sure that my temperament does not allow me to be a trading star.

I found a way to overcome this by using mechanical patterns of entry and exit. Tom DeMark Really good discipline, knowledge of one's limits and good management money much more important than a system or indicator.

George Fontenills I learned how to use options and how to become delta neutral so that I can hedge myself both ways and still sleep well at night.

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That's when I dramatically increased my profitability. Lee Gettiss The only thing a trader can control is risk. I know how much I am willing to take risks, but I have no idea how much the market will allow me to get my money back.

Cynthia Case The three most important things in trading: firstly, you cannot always listen to other people's advice, secondly, there is no easy way, and finally, thirdly, it should be fun. Gary Wagner Invest in education. A novice trader jumps into a pool full of sharks. To survive, you need good protection and very large teeth. Richard Dennis Think about whether you are doing the right thing, not about the outcomes of individual trades, which are inherently random.

Jason Zweig When greed or fear reigns in the market, people start thinking the same way. Therefore, very often many people buy at the top of the market and sell at the bottom.

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Michael Steinhardt A good trader is, first of all, a person who knows how to curb the urge to follow his theories to the end, and who has enough mental flexibility to understand where and when he can make a mistake. Julian Robertson The goal is to find the best companies in the world and invest in them, then find the worst companies in the world and go short.

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If the top doesn't outperform the worstthen you better try your hand at another business. Of course, not all the great and certainly the best traders in the world were included in the list, but I considered this list to be of high quality.

Write your opinion, which of them is superfluous, or vice versa, you may think that someone must be added.

All wishes will be taken into account. That's it for today. Until new articles and I look forward to your comments on the article.

Happy trading. The same group of traders is behind the creation of all this motley content. Outrageousness is in the blood of the guys from United Traders, which sometimes does not quite fit with some of their more serious business areas like their own profitable hedge fund. However, this does not prevent Roman Vishnevsky, Dmitry Belousov and Anatoly Radchenko, as well as their team, from building what is arguably the most famous prop-trading company in Russia.

The founders rezvyakov training in trading UT told Financial One rezvyakov training in trading they manage to amuse the audience while remaining professionals in their field. The interview was in the first issue of this year. Its office was in Moscow, and we traded in American stocks. Meanwhile, Anatoly Radchenko, while in St. Petersburg, was doing the same thing, only in the representative office of the American office. It was subsequently bought by an American prop firm.

She is now known for making the Blackwood platform, now called Fusion. We worked there for literally a few months to understand that we are great.

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Belousov: It took Roma seven months. I think it turned out faster thanks to perfectly streamlined business processes - in terms of training new traders.

To set off on a further voyage together, you need to understand that a person can be trusted. Dmitry and Roman, how did you do it? Belousov: We just saw each other off at 12 o'clock after work laughs. Have you discussed what other strategies you can apply?

Belousov: No, we did not discuss anything.

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Roma just treated me to different dishes: either swordfish or duck in grape sauce. So I realized that it is very beneficial to be friends with Roma. Roma knows restaurants. How did Anatoly appear in this story? Belousov: We were looking for traders by any means.

Having exhausted the resources of Moscow, as it seemed to us then, we gathered everyone we knew - about 15 people - who traded on the NYSE.

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Then we went to St. Petersburg to get acquainted with his best traders in order to recruit them. But then they were not interested in anything except how to eat well and have fun. Anatoly, is there a difference between the Moscow and St. Petersburg guys?

Radchenko: They are pretentious, awful, arrogant, Moscow. At that time I was not at all ready for such communication. In general, the first meeting was not very successful. Nobody understood anything. Belousov: The result was negative. Anatoly, together with his comrades, did not become our traders. We have not started to cooperate.

But everyone rezvyakov training in trading each other.

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Radchenko: A few months later, the company through which we worked in America stopped providing us good conditions in order to trade the so-called closing auction.