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Enable: The endpoint registers with the GK after being started. After the registration, the endpoint can call another endpoints by IP address or number.

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Disable: Your endpoint does not register with the GK. To call another endpoint through H.

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The settings of E. By default, Enable GK is deselected. It is recommended that Enable GK be selected on the H. If the GK registration fails, the failure icon will be displayed option on gk the lower right corner of the screen. Verify the GK settings. If the endpoint successfully registers with the GK, the registration failure icon disappears. GK registration mode Specifies the mode for registering your endpoint with a GK. Auto: Your endpoint automatically registers with an available GK on the network and obtains the GK address.

The default value is Auto.

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It is recommended that you set this parameter to Manual. If you set this parameter to the domain name, you must enable the DNS server and set correct domain name-IP address mapping information on the server.

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Enter the IP address or domain name of the GK server. If your endpoint registers with a GK, endpoints that also register with GKs can dial this site number to call your endpoint.

Setting the GK Parameters

Enter the site number of your endpoint, which contains a maximum of 32 digits. Ensure that this name is the same as that predefined on the GK server. Authentication user name Specifies the user name used for H.

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When your endpoint registers with a GK, the GK uses this user name to authenticate the endpoint. This user name must be the same as that preset on the GK. To ensure communication security, encryption is recommended.

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Password Specifies the password your endpoint uses to register with a GK. The GK uses this password to authenticate your endpoint. For successful GK authentication, the password defined on your endpoint must be consistent with the password predefined on the GK.

Enter the password that the endpoint uses to register with the GK.

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Huawei GK After binary options yuri orlov option is selected, more functions will be provided for the option on gk, such as SiteCall and conference control. If all the endpoints running on the network are provided by Huawei, it is recommended that Huawei GK be selected.

Disable this function if your endpoint needs to interwork with other manufacturers' devices. By default, this option is deselected. If this parameter is set to disabled, your endpoint will use the Transfer Control Protocol TCP to upload conference information, which may be insecure.

The SMC1. Therefore, if you want to register your endpoint with the SMC1.

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However, if the registration destination is the SMC2. By default, this option is selected.

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Multipoint conference authentication Specifies whether to authenticate the server during calls from your endpoint. Determine whether to select this option based on the site requirements.

The VoIP gateway interconnects the voice telephony network and IP network to provide a wide array of capabilities, such as real-time service connection, call control, protocol processing, network resource management, routing, registration, authentication, and charging.

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