What to Expect From a 3 Day Fast if You've Never Fasted Before

How to make a day fast. Alternate-Day Fasting: A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide

Decreased leptin better control of hunger Promotes longevity Anti-aging effects Autophagy cellular cleansing Furthermore, Dr. Thomas Seyfried, a professor at Boston College, found in his treatise, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer, that a yearly 7-day fast could kill off abnormal and pre-cancerous cells.

Fasting is easier than you think

Fasting helps you stay younger and improves your brain and body health. Step-by-step checklist for before, during, and after your successful 3-day water fast.

How to Do a 1-Day Fast

A journal to track your experience and hunger levels. Critical reminders and a suggested hour-by-hour meal plan to break your fast. We wanted fasting to feel natural and something that could be done on a whim. No binge-eating the night before.

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Ryan and I read several books on fasting beforehand and learned a few key water fasting tips. Following them will help you plan your 3-day fast and teach you how to make your fast successful.

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To gain a well-rounded perspective of 3-day fasting, we read books by doctors who promote a high-fat animal-protein diet, a high-fiber vegetarian diet, and diets somewhere in between. The below are three incredibly fast-cinating books that we highly recommend.

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My 3-Day Water Fast Diary: Watch the video! >>

Decide how long you will fast. While intermittent fasting has how to make a day fast incredibly popular, there are few limits on what constitutes the right amount of time to fast for health purposes. Much changes from person to person. Read: Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting It took us 56 hours to flip our switch during this 3-day fast. And when I say there is no right amount of time to fast, it truly has no upper limit.

The longest fast ever recorded was in by a Scottish man, Angus Barbieri, who took daily vitamins with zero-calorie drinks like tea, coffee, and water. Obese at pounds, he fasted under doctor supervision until reaching his goal weight of pounds. Which he achieved in full health, days later.

Nowadays, most extended fasts are days. The people who opt to do these long-term fasts are usually fighting obesity, fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, or other metabolic diseases. Shorter fasts of up to days are seen more among people looking to detox and lose moderate weight.

It Was the Shit That Convinced Me

When undertaking a fast longer than 3 days, it is recommended to have some clinical supervision. Drinking coffee and tea during a 3-day fast is fine.

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Other acceptable drinks for a healthy fast include tea and coffee. Feel free to add a slice of lemon, but avoid milk or sugar.

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Zero-calorie soda is out of the question. You can have more than how to make a day fast water during a hour fast. For fasts longer than 3-days, consider supplementing with electrolytes to maintain mineral levels. This can be done with zero-calorie electrolyte drinks, bone broth with sea salt, or miso soup for vegetarians like us.

And we drank at least a gallon of water a day! An absolute fast, usually done religiously, means nothing is consumed.


However, the studies we read highly recommended drinking water because dehydration only harms and complicates your fast. A 3-day water fast takes longer than three days.

The rule of thumb is to take the number of days you fasted and divide it by two. Instead of breaking our hour fast by feasting, we ate this.

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The purpose of the fast is to drop insulin and glucose levels to kick your body into ketosis your fat-burning stage.

Eating a whole bowl of pasta will prolong the time it takes for your insulin levels to deplete and delay your good results. Our fast took place while staying with my parents, so we went for walks while they ate dinner.

Start your fast on Thursday after lunch or dinner. While we were fasting, we were incredibly focused and productive at work, but it was nice to have the option to sleep in until 10 AM. Consider running bloodwork before and after. To make the most out of your fast, it would be nice to compare your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, ketones, etc. For Ryan and me, we simply measured our weight, rated our hunger twice daily on a scale fromand tracked our sleep and heart rate through our Apple Watches.

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Prepare to measure progress. In retrospect, we would have also measured our waistline and taken body fat caliper measurements. Next time we schedule three days fasting, we will be prepared to gather all the data with the following gear.

Measuring tape Reliable scale Wearable with HR monitor and sleep tracking Shop our recommended gear below.

The Key to Making a One Day Fast Effortless

Nervous Excitement After a normal day of eating ending with pizza probably not the best choice and salad for dinner, we began our fast at 8 PM on Saturday. We went to bed nervous but excited. Our first night of sleep was perfectly normal, since we ate dinner normally and began our fast at 8 PM. The next morning, we kept to our typical schedule and exercised.

Ryan and I did a tough workout for minutes to P90X3. After that, we started our workday and made sure to drink lots of water. Therefore, working out on an empty stomach is our norm.

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However, intermittent fasting and morning workouts can be an incredibly useful tool in your healthy living toolbox. Make a note to try them out time decay of an option is you finish your fast.

When Ryan admitted to having a dull headache as well, I made us each a cup of black tea and our headaches went away within thirty minutes. The rest of the evening was surprisingly normal, and we even took a walk at night while my parents ate dinner. This seems to ring true even during a longer 7-day or day fast.

So, we went to bed unsure of what was coming the next day.