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    Try to use the same email as Alipay to more quickly top up your account but you can still use different emails for Alipay and Damecoins.

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    The minimum amount to pay is. If you make a payment of less amount, it will be returned to your account in the next few days. To make transfers of larger amounts from China, choose 'Bank transfer' as payment method and transfer to our bank account in Mainland China up to To pay with Alipay, you can scan the QR to send the payment.

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    For higher amounts, we suggest you to remit money by opening Alipay App -Transfer-Remittance to Alipay account. Its high commissions are the reason why most cryptocurrency sites don't support it as a payment method.

    We support it but do not recommend it. To avoid high commissions we recommend that you create a free account and make your payment by bank transfer.

    Free Bitcoin Try executium for free If you sign up and start using executium today, we will provide you with 0. Then we provide you with 0. We pay your commissions when you join so you can experience how much easier executium can make your days trading cryptocurrency.

    For further details feel free to initiate a new chat at any time. You are very important for us and we are committed to working side by side with you to satisfy any specific needs.

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    Thanks for trusting Damecoins.