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What Exactly is Bitcoin Storage? These terms are convenient metaphors, but they confuse some people because they suggest that you need some sort of storage device, like the physical wallet that holds your cash and credit cards. This information includes your unique digital private keys, which—as the name suggests—unlock the ability to transfer your bitcoins to someone else. In practice, having the key amounts to the same thing as storing bitcoins themselves.

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Bitcoin Storage Options Though there are many storage options, they mostly fall into two main categories: - Storing bitcoins with an account at a cryptocurrency exchange or custodian or other financial institution, licensed or unlicensed - Storing bitcoins yourself, whether on your phone, on specialized hardware, or another method Storing Bitcoin with a Third-Party such as a Financial Institution One of the most widely used options for storing bitcoin is through a third-party such as a financial institution or cryptocurrency custodian.

Institutions may have multiple roles: they store your bitcoins, operate as an exchange allowing you to buy and sell bitcoin, and may also let you make payments in bitcoin.

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Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a financial institution. Licensing Some of these companies are licensed and regulated; others are not. If you generally prefer to keep your cash, stocks or other financial assets at a licensed financial institution such as a bank or brokeragethen you may feel that a licensed financial institution is the best fit for storing your bitcoin.

With an unlicensed provider, it may be harder to determine exactly how your assets are protected.

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Regulation of these financial institutions is an evolving landscape, mainly because bitcoin itself was invented much more recently than other kinds of financial assets. Currently, companies are licensed by the state where they operate, and regulatory requirements may vary from state to state.

New York was one of the first states to establish a robust regulatory framework, including consumer protections. For example, it requires that financial institutions that store bitcoin for individuals and businesses also maintain adequate cash reserves, to provide additional assurance for customers.


New York State offers a Trust license a trust company is authorized to perform certain services similar to a bank and is subject to certain fiduciary obligations and a BitLicense a business license to engage in certain virtual currency activities. Does the company apply a security-first mentality to bitcoin storage?

Is there evidence that it has made the substantial investment required to store bitcoins safely?

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Does the company have adequate protections in the event of a catastrophe? Multisignature Technology Some companies use a capability called multisignature technology, in which multiple signatures are needed in order to facilitate a bitcoin transaction.

This model can provide extra security and governance features. Sharding Some companies use sharding. The key signing instructions issuance process and governance controls are almost as important as how securely keys are stored.

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Online or offline storage — or both. Online storage generally means that bitcoins are immediately accessible. Additionally, some companies offer dedicated offline hardware storage as a service for corporate customers.

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Self-Storage Options The main alternative to storing your bitcoin at a financial institution is storing it yourself. How to store bitcoin in simple words are quite a few ways to do this, although they tend to share some of the same advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are: A software wallet on your smartphone or laptop A dedicated hardware device Printing out private keys and other essential information and storing them on paper Bitcoin Self-Storage Advantages The advantage of these options is that you have complete control over your bitcoin, without having to rely on a bitcoin account with a financial institution or anyone else.

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Bitcoin Self-Storage Disadvantages The biggest disadvantage of all these methods is the required level of technical understanding, effort, and planning. If your phone is lost or stolen, you forget where you put your storage device, or your chosen storage method is destroyed by fire, you may have permanently lost your bitcoins.

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Or if something happens to you, family how to store bitcoin in simple words or beneficiaries may not be able to access your assets. A self-storage wallet could be a useful option for keeping small amounts of bitcoin handy for everyday use—just as keeping a small amount of cash in your pocket is handy for normal purchases.

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But it gets riskier as your holdings grow. Larger values— and specifically assets held on behalf of others — are less suitable for self-storage. Deciding Which Bitcoin Storage Option is Best For You There are the time value of an option can be zero options for storing bitcoin, ranging from accounts with regulated financial institutions to self-storage hardware and software wallets.

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