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Julia Frey Vikalinka shares Tender and juicy beef steak strips with mushrooms and onions, smothered in a savoury sour roman stroganov options sauce. Making classic Beef Stroganoff is easy!

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All you have to do is to follow my detailed instructions! This needs to change. When life gets especially hectic cozy, Slavic food laced with butter and sour cream comes to the rescue once again and save the day!

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Why is it called Beef Stroganoff? Invented and named after a member of a Russian noble family Count Stroganoff by his personal chef, this delicious beef recipe has travelled far and wide across the globe since the 19th century.

Beef Bourguignon

The original recipes was heavily influenced by the French cuisine, which was very popular among the aristocrats in the 19th century Russia. You can see that in the creamy sauce.

I didn't intend to leave a 3 star review. This recipe is a waste of leftover beef tenderloin even after following other reviewers suggestions.

However, the use of traditionally Russian ingredients like mushrooms and sour cream made this elegant dish stick around for centuries in its homeland, and interestingly enough the world over. Something we just whip up without a recipe in little time using very few ingredients.

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And most importantly when extra comfort is needed. The outcome is always the same. Immediate bliss followed by a food coma. If you follow a few simple rules you will make the best stroganoff.

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What cut of beef is best? First off, the beef quality is paramount.

Where to eat in St.

Avoid stewing beef and buy sirloin or rump steak. I find ribeye too fatty for this dish since the sauce is already rich I prefer using a leaner beef for a more balanced meal.

Mushroom Stroganoff

Whatever cut of steak you choose buy the best quality you can afford. You only need a pound of it! Secondly, if a steak is too expensive, go ahead and buy a more affordable pork tenderloin.

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Many Russian cooks make Stroganoff with good quality pork. You can even use chicken as I did in this impossibly popular version of Chicken Stroganoff.

Stroganov Palace, St.Petersburg,Russia

I varied the recipe a bit to make the delicate meat of chicken shine. You want your meat to stick to the pan, so it gets coated with brown bits. What do I serve with Stroganoff?

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I know it sounded like I just mentioned the last thing but I have more. Dill pickles and mounds of mashed potatoes make beef stroganoff the best dinner EVA!

Why is it called Beef Stroganoff?

If you are wondering why pickles are necessary, I am happy to oblige. Their acidity breaks up the richness of this dish and provides a great balance! You might be surprised but potatoes are the most traditional pairing for Beef Stroganoff in Russia. We roman stroganov options mashed potatoes at home and indulge in fried shoestring potatoes in restaurants.

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You can, of course, serve beef stroganoff over egg noodles like I did with my vegetarian version here. This creamy dish also goes extremely well over plain rice. Let the sauce provide all the flavour! More Russian Beef Recipes:.

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