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No minimum balance is required.

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Cons Celsius adjusts its interest rates regularly, making it somewhat difficult to determine the actual yield. These platforms usually promise enticing features and services that will enable them to stay ahead of their competitors.

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However, not all that glitters is gold as most of these sites do not usually have what they claim. So, it is essential to use specific criteria in selecting legit Bitcoin investment sites.

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Regulation The topmost criterium in the list is regulation. This goes a long way to confirm the legitimacy investing in a bitcoin site the investment site.

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With this in place, users are confident of being compensated should anything go wrong. Security For this aspect, investors should be concerned about the safety of their funds and information on investment sites.

How an exchange intends to protect your funds and data from malefactors is essential to note.

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Since hackers always try to gain access to trading platforms, investors should opt for investment sites equipped with the latest security measures to keep these hackers away. Some bitcoin investment sites such as Nexo and Coinbase provides insurance coverage for assets stored on their platform.

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Others like Binance adopt a self-implemented insurance program that lets it reimburse users in the event of a security breach. The operator should make available multiple deposit and withdrawal channels. With this in place, users can opt for an option that best suits successful trading needs, thus making their trading journey hitch-free.

Professional Customer Service Nobody hopes to encounter an issue while using an investment site.

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However, problems may arise along the line. User-Friendly Trading Platform A good Bitcoin investment site should have an easy-to-use interface to facilitate trading.

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Investing in a bitcoin site trading platform should be sleek, friendly, responsive for both beginners and professional traders. For the basics, choosing a good BTC investment site will help keep you safe from hackers and fraudsters.

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When you select a legit platform, there is no need to panic that you may lose your funds, as adequate security measures will be in place to keep you safe. Lastly, in the event that a security breach occurs, the platform will be able to reimburse your funds easily.

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When you invest in Bitcoin, it method of real options in project management that you buy and hold the asset with the intention of selling it sometime in the future for a profit. However, Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading works differently. Under Bitcoin trading, the goal of a trader is to profit from short-term price action usually within a few hours, weeks, or months.

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The fact that trading involves actively tracking the price of Bitcoin sets it aside from Bitcoin investing. Final Thoughts In this article, we defined Bitcoin investment sites and provided a shortlist of legit Bitcoin investment sites that you can start using right away. We also provided information on how to identify a legitimate platform, and why users should use only legit BTC investment sites.

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As established, there are a lot of Bitcoin investment sites posing to be genuine. However, investors must conduct adequate research using the criteria provided above to decide the available legit BTC investment platform. Follow us on TwitterFacebookand Telegram to receive timely updates.

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