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double option

Those defenses that depart from the norm and double option try to mess with your inside veer rules and maintain an edge to their defense.

The two inside linebackers stack their alignments.

double option

How to attack: 1 Staying with IV: Treat the defense as a and work through your inside veer rules. PSG would work up to the lower stacked backer and the PST would outside release for the higher stacked backer.

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Block the double option as you normally would. Inside Veer vs.

double option

Lincoln Stack 2 Staying with 2x2 formations you can run Mid-triple. The BST will anchor backside B gap. Mid-Triple vs.

  • These plays allow for the offense to do several things based on what the defense is doing to attack the triple option.
  • A doubling option is a provision in a sinking fund that gives a bond issuer the right to redeem twice the amount of debt when repurchasing callable bonds.

I enjoy working with tackle over formations because typically it forces a defense to stay balanced in the secondary. This defense, by alignment invites you to throw the ball, and we will detail that below.

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How to Attack: 1 We would look to throw the ball early in the game to take advantage of their alignments. I think you have to take what they have given you and use what they have practiced all week against them. We would start with play action off inside veer.

Types[ edit ] An option offense is any football scheme that relies on option running plays as its cornerstone.

The diagram below details play. Secondly, you need to slide your line protection away from the play call because you need to be able to pick up the backside OLB in case he triggers with motion away. Its really a naked because there is no blocker for the QB but again trying to attack the grass they have given us by alignments.

The diagram below details that. If the backside LB is triggering to blitz with motion away then we would lock the BST on the 4i and try and rip through the backer with the B back to give the QB just enough time to dump the ball the B back. Here is our base way to handle IV and of course we could always double the B gap defender or run Mid-triple like in the above Lincoln Stack diagrams.

double option

All other blocking rules are a carry over from a scheme.