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    I think i remember having a white out with him at an abrams convention. He had Eddie Money in the studio doing a great Stern interview. Neil Lasher.

    His father runs a produce market and his mother bakes goods sold in the store. His older brother Roger worked in a shoe store with eyes on a management position. His other brother Joseph is a whiz with numbers with plans to become a banker, always with a calculator in hand, figuring out the interest on any sum being discussed.

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    Eddie didn't have a job, or prospects, or even the slightest idea about what to do to earn money. But he wanted a job, and not just any old job: Eddie wanted to be the boss and own his own business.

    After a visit with his tinkerer neighbor Mr. Clemmons, Eddie learns that if you can find a problem or a need you can build a business around it. Looking at his littered neighborhood Eddie decides to start an aluminum can collection business, and he brings his friends Dink and Elizabeth in as partners. The can business seems to be going along well, but once they factor in their costs and divide the money Eddie and his Eddie starts making money realize they're making pennies a day and decide to fold their business.

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    Eddie tries to invent a shoe deodorizer with disastrous results, a lawn service no one wants, starts up a local newsletter which requires more effort than it's worth, and eventually devises a benign protection racket at his middle school to prevent sixth graders from being hazed by eighth graders.

    Along the way Eddie and his friends learn about advertising, profits and losses, writing up business plans and contracts - everything a budding entrepreneur would need to know in order to set up shop. In Eddie starts making money end Eddie creates a babysitter agency that acts as an intermediary between sitters and families in need, collecting fees from both sides for their efforts.

    He is a die-hard hip-hop and rap fan pre-teen Chinese immigrant who came from Washington, D. Considering himself the black sheep of the family, his life becomes harder when he finds it difficult to make friends at school, his chance at making friends cut short when the smell of his Chinese noodles for lunch repulses his white peers, who liken the noodles to worms, forcing Eddie to eat outside the school with the janitor. Eddie convinces his parents to buy "white people lunch" and has his mother buy him Lunchables, but gets into a fight the next day at school when Walterthe only black kid at the school, calls him a chink and claims that it is now his turn to be at the bottom. This prompts Eddie and Walter to get into a fight, although Eddie, who stated that his mother Eddie starts making money stood up for him, overhears her berate the principal for not punishing Walter and exclaims that they would sue the school if Eddie was suspended. As Eddie prepares to go home, he sees the boys who made fun of his lunch earlier, a boy named Brockand states that he has earned respect for his actions.

    In true entrepreneurial fashion Eddie discovers the joys of being his own boss, and that there are ways to earn money from the efforts of others. I have to say, I love stories that show kids how the business world works and I wish there were more of them.

    • High School, and plays baseball for the Groundhogs, which is coached by his father.
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    Stories about kids setting up a business to make money are fine, but what I'd like to see are more of the nitty-gritty, the nuts and bolts of what it means beyond "let's set up a lemonade stand and make a few dollars we can spend down at the candy store. Eddie doesn't have dreams about what he'll do with all the money he'll make, he's more concerned with making his businesses be both practical and profitable.

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    He doesn't want to work for someone else but he's not lazy, Eddie works harder at making his businesses work than he would quasar binary options system deliveries for his father.

    As usual, Naylor nails the middle grade world with its own sense of logic and independence.

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    It's an older book, looks like it was last printed inwhich makes it a library find. My copy actually was a library find, a library discard sale book, which would indicate that it's lost favor with contemporary readers.

    No disrespect or harm. Can you help a brother on your way out? He keeps his hair pulled back in seven braids, which is how he acquired his nickname: Braids.

    Probably because it's the original printing and the illustrations by Blanche Sims give it a dated feel. I like the drawings, but I'm not a kid. With minor adjustments in dollar amounts adjusted for inflation, of course and fresh illustrations I think this is still a relevant title for budding executives.

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