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Binomo Binary. This has obviously also lead to them being one of the better-known brands in this niche, winning plenty of awards along the way. When it comes to payouts and deposits, you can trade entirely in Bitcoin if you wish to.

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In terms of affiliate offers you can choose between rev share, turnover, and CPA models. They wanted to level the playing field for traders, providing a fair and non-aggressive environment to work from.

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And you also get to receive payments in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The only real downside is that you can only trade in Forex options, at the time of writing.

Binary Options Affiliate Programs

This binary options affiliate program operates a sliding scale of commission rates and payments. The platform itself is bespoke, so it does look and feel a little different. But with that said, even relatively new binary options traders will find it easy to use.

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Your visitors get access to a web-based tool that allows them to trade across multiple assets, including the usual stocks and indices, but also cryptos. Yay for recurring affiliate commissions! You can speculate on binary contracts across multiple assets including forex, stock indices, and commodities. In fact, there are 10, such trades on Nadex every single day. You can access the exchange using either their desktop app or go mobile with NadexGo. Nadex is regulated by the CFTC, so your visitors can deposit cash with them with full peace of mind.

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The additional perk here is that because this is an exchange, there are no brokerage fees. Actual information about their program is very light on the ground when compared to the other affiliate programs listed here.

They do share that they offer a CPL commission model and that payments are made monthly. Apart from that, they remain very tight-lipped about average commission rates, etc.

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But they do tend to focus on forex options more than anything else. Something that does make them stand out from the crowd is the turbo trading options — some trades can be set to expire in as little as 30 seconds. Now we get to the stuff that you really want to talk about when it comes to programs — money. This UK-based platform offers somewhere in the region of different binary options assets to trade on. You can get a demo account, but you need to fund it to activate it, which is a tiny bit sneaky.

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They offer withdrawals in as little as an hour, and you also get crypto withdrawal options. So how much can programs helping to trade on binary options make promoting them? You can also choose from lots of short-term trades, some with 5-minute expiries.

Your visitors can get a demo account to tinker with, and without needing to provide any personal information, which is always a plus.

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This offer claims to have very high conversion rates and is also happy to pay affiliates on a weekly basis. But what they lack in sheer mass, they more than make up for with trade volume — roughly 35 million of them each month. This binary options affiliate program has a number of perks. The first of these is you get a dedicated affiliate portal and an actual affiliate manager to work with.

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That also makes it a potentially solid program to promote to relative newbies. So how does this offer compare to the other binary options affiliate programs in this roundup?

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But they do also offer CPL for a select group of affiliates. There are lots and lots of shiny affiliate programs in this niche, but most of their parent companies are constantly under investigation. Or are just flat out crooks.

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So, being a binary option affiliate will be pretty much the same as operating in the casino industry.