IBM Reports Worst Quarterly Revenue in 14 Years

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    Notes : Footnote 1 To ensure respondent confidentiality, estimates below a certain threshold are suppressed.

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    For census metropolitan areas CMAs and economic regions ERsuse their respective provincial suppression levels mentioned above. Estimates are based on smaller sample sizes the more detailed the table becomes, which could result in lower data quality.

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    Footnote 2 For approximate quality indicators of the estimates, see tables 7. For quality indicators of specific data points, contact statcan.

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    Footnote 3 This new table replaces archived table Footnote 4 On April 5,this table was archived and replaced by table Footnote 5 Excluding the territories. Footnote 6 Beginning Januaryinformation is collected on the usual wages or salary of employees at their main job.

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    Occupation refers to the kind of work persons 15 years of age and over were doing during the reference week, as determined by the kind of work reported and the description of the most important duties of the job. If the individual did not have a job during the reference week, the data relate to the previous job, if that job was held in the past year.

    Footnote 8.