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How to make a lot of money in one day. 7 Great Ways to Make Quick Money in Just One Day

No matter the type of gig you find, always be aware of potential spams or worse.

how to make a lot of money in one day

Otherwise, you might be taking a bad check without realizing it. And always, always, always listen to your gut. If something seems off, or too good to be true, it probably is. Ask neighbors and friends if they need their lawn cut.

Make sure you look at the lawn in person before giving a quote. You want to see how large it is, what sorts of obstacles you need to mow around, and if there are any anticipated problems before agreeing to a price.

how to make a lot of money in one day

Think of different seasonal jobs you can provide. Many people would happily pay someone to: Rake leaves Shovel snow from their driveway, deck, or sidewalk Weed flower beds or a garden Pick up dog poop from the yard Trim hedges Remember your reputation is your biggest referrer.

Do quality work for a decent price, and always provide excellent customer service.

how to make a lot of money in one day

Sell A Local Service Landscaping is only the beginning of services you can sell door to door. Use your imagination and your talents, and look for a need in your neighborhood.

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Think through your pricing a bit beforehand. Make sure you account for any materials you need to purchase. Write down any fees your service will occur for instance disposal feesand include these in your quote.

how to make a lot of money in one day

Busk Can you play a musical instrument? Before you begin, make sure to research the law in your area.

There are lots of money-making opportunities out there. And the dollars will add up quickly! You can share your opinion in focus groups.

Busking is legal in many places, but some areas have banned the practice of street performing. Make sure you have your music and everything else you need.

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Then, set out a hat or your musical instrument case, so people can drop money in as they listen to you. Offer Delivery Services If you enjoy conversing with people and traveling around, consider offering delivery services. For instance, where I live, there are no flower shops that offer delivery.

3. Check Craigslist Gigs

By creating a simple Craigslist ad or just posting on Facebook, you can often get orders for delivery. Make sure to factor your gas money and time into the fee you charge and collect payment in advance.

how to make a lot of money in one day

Take advantage of sales. Is the local sandwich shop offering a buy one get one deal? For more ideas making money through delivery, check out this post.

how to make a lot of money in one day

You never know, they might just turn into your full-time gig! Sharing is caring!

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