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Another important thing to have in mind is the difference between packages and classes.

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Making the wrong choice can affect the flexibility of the final product. General structure The structure of all package files can be roughly described in the next four parts: Identification. Preliminary declarations. Here the external packages needed are imported.

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Also, in this part of the file the commands and definitions needed by the declared options are coded. The package declares and processes the options. More declarations.

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The main body of the package. Almost everything a package does is defined here. In the next subsections a more detailed description of the structure and a working example, examplepackage.

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Additionally, a date can be added within brackets to specify the minimal release date required. Below, some more code is added to the sample package "examplepackage.

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Open an example of how to write a package in ShareLaTeX Options To allow some flexibility in the packages a few additional options are very useful. The next part in the file "examplepackage.

Package Options The knitr package provides a lot of chunk options for customizing nearly all components of code chunks, such as the source code, text output, plots, and the language of the chunk. It also offers some options at the package level to customize the knitting process. This page documents all chunk options and package options available in knitr.

It takes two parameters, the first one is the name of the option and the second one is the code to execute if the option is passed. It takes only one parameter, the code to execute when an unknown option is passed.

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See handling errors for a package option about what this command does. There's a starred version of this command that will execute the options in the exact order specified by the calling commands.

  • Thus, multiple requests for the same package, when those requests specify different options, can cause you to encounter an Option clash for package error, like the error message at the top of this post.
  • Packages can be attached to a rate code and included in the room rate, they can be sold separately and attached to the reservation, or they can be available under both arrangements.
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Both colours and the default grey colour were defined in the preliminary declarations after importing the xcolor package. Open an example of how to write a package in ShareLaTeX More declarations In this part most of the commands will appear.

In "examplepackage.

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Below you can see the full package file. To fully understand each command see the vsa method for binary options guide and the links in the further reading section.

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Below, a document that uses the package examplepackage. There are four main commands to report errors in the compiler. Takes three parameters, each one inside braces: the package name, the error text which is going to be displayed the compilation process will be pausedand the help text that will be printed if the user press "h" when the compilation pauses because of the error. In this case the text is displayed but the compilation process won't stop.

package option

It will show the line number where the warning occurred. Works just like the previous command, but it won't show the line where the warning occurred.

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In this case the information in the second parameter will only be printed in the transcript file, including the line package option. Defines a new commandthe first parameter is the package option of the new command, the second parameter is what the command will do. Sets the length of the element passed as first parameter to the value written as second parameter.

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Creates a box that contains the elements written inside the braces. Further reading.