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In the News Downloading Nmap Nmap and Zenmap the graphical front end are available in several versions and formats.

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Recent source releases and binary packages are described below. Older version and sometimes newer test releases are available from the dist directory and really old ones are in dist-old.

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For the more security-paranoid smart users, GPG detached signatures and SHA-1 hashes for each release are available in the sigs directory verification instructions. Before downloading, be sure to read the relevant sections for your platform from the Nmap Install Guide.

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The most important changes features, bugfixes, etc in each Nmap version are described in the Changelog. Using Nmap is covered in the Reference Guideand don't forget to crfxfnm binary option the other available documentationparticularly the new book Nmap Network Scanning! Nmap users are encouraged to subscribe to the Nmap-hackers mailing list.

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It is a low volume 7 posts inmoderated list for the most important announcements about Nmap, Insecure. You can join thecurrent subscribers as of September by submitting your email address here: or subscribe with custom options from the Nmap-hackers list info page You can also get updates from our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Nmap is distributed with source code under custom license terms similar to and derived from the GNU General Public License, as noted in the copyright page. Microsoft Windows binaries Please read the Windows section of the Install Guide for limitations and installation instructions for the Windows version of Nmap.

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You can choose from a self-installer includes dependencies and also the Zenmap GUI or the much smaller command-line zip file version. We support Nmap on Windows 7 and newer, as well as Windows Server and newer.

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We also maintain a guide for users who must run Nmap on earlier Windows releases. Note: The version of Npcap included in our installers may not always be the latest version.

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If you experience problems or just want the latest and greatest version, download and install the latest Npcap release. The Nmap executable Windows installer can handle Npcap installation, registry performance tweaks, and decompressing the executables and data files into your preferred location.

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It also includes the Zenmap graphical frontend. Skip all the complexity of the Windows zip files with a self-installer: Latest stable release self-installer: nmap Please notify us if you encounter any problems or have suggestions for the installer. For those who prefer the command-line zip files Installation Instructions ; Usage Instructionsthey are still available.

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The Zenmap graphical interface is not included with these, so you need to run nmap. Or you can download and install a superior command shell such as those included with the free Cygwin system. The main advantage is that these zip crfxfnm binary option are a fraction of the size of the executable installer: Latest stable command-line zipfile: nmap