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Internet attachments, How to Download, Open, and Save E-mail attachments.


    Any attachments are shown in the bottom-left corner of the message's body A.

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    To download the attachment smove your mouse cursor over each of them and click the download arrow that appears B. Once you've downloaded the e-mail attachment, a prompt appears to let you know that the process is complete.

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    The location of this prompt and the related instructions depend on the Internet browser you're using. For further information, see: How to internet attachments and save webmail attachments.

    The attachments are above the body of the message A.

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    Move your mouse over the right side of the attachment and click the down arrow that appears B. From the drop-down menu that appears, select Download C.

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    The attachment s are below the body of the message A. How to open and save webmail internet attachments Different browsers use different methods for viewing and moving e-mail attachments.

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    Once your attachment is downloaded, select your preferred browser from the list below and follow the directions. Tip Once the file is downloaded, it can be opened from your downloads folder, see: Where are the files I downloaded using my web browser? Tip Once you've opened the downloaded file with the appropriate program, you may save it to the storage device of your choosing.

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