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Option where to get. Option::get: метод Битрикс

A function computes a return value.

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But sometimes nothing valid can be returned. Nothing is possible.

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With an Option, we can specify None instead of a value. With optional data, our algorithms become clearer. We clearly specify whether "None" or something valid is available.

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We indicate absence. Return Option example. Here the getName def returns an Option String.

I do think the syntactic overhead for doing this should be higher to be less tempting to newbies who think "dammit, my value is in an Option! My goal is to make developers feel guilty about using it in the first place, so that they design their code not to need it.

If the argument we pass to it is at option where to get 1, we get an Option containing the String "Oxford. The Map collection uses an Option when we call its get method.

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Sometimes nothing exists at the key specified. None is returned. IsDefined With an Option, we can always call isDefined.

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This returns true if the Option does not have a None value, and false otherwise. Get An option will return its inner value in this case, a String when the get method is invoked.

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Here is another method on an Option. We can use getOrElse to access the inner value of the Option, unless there is None. If None, we get the argument back.

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So We provide a default value. This helps us handle cases where None can occur.

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We can use the null keyword in assignments. But for top-quality code, Option is preferred. Generally in languages we like to copy the core types like Map, which uses Options.

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