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Definition and meaning Real options theory is a modern theory on how to make decisions regarding investments when the future is uncertain.

Real options theory draws parallels between the valuation of the financial options available and the real economy.

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The theory has become a popular theme in most business schools across the world, as well as the boardroom, especially within oil companies. Examples of real options include determining whether to build a new factory, change the machinery and technology on a production line, decide whether to buy potentially lucrative oil fields and when to start drilling or pumping, etc.

They do not include derivative financial instruments such as stocks or bonds.

Integrating Options and Discounted Cash Flow

Real options theory is based on logical financial options in capital investments in the sense that they create a certain level of valuable flexibility. If you have financial options, you then have the freedom to make the best choices and decisions, such as where and when to make a specific capital investment.

Types of real options[ edit ] Simple Examples Investment This simple example shows the relevance of the real option to delay investment and wait for further information, and is adapted from "Investment Example".

The investment choices we have with tangible assets are similar to those that exist with financial instruments. In theory, tangible assets real assets could be valued according to the same methodology. In other words, the project is like an option: there is an opportunity, but not an obligation, to go ahead with it.

CFOs tell us that real options overestimate the value of uncertain projects, encouraging companies to overinvest in them. These concerns are legitimate, but we believe that abandoning real options as a valuation model is just as bad. How can managers escape this dilemma? In exploring their reservations about real-option analysis as a valuation methodology, we have come to the conclusion that much of the problem lies in the unspoken assumption that the real-option and DCF valuation methods are mutually exclusive. We believe this assumption is false.

The expected cash flows are discounted at the capital cost for the company, and the results are added up. If the NPV is zero, it makes no difference to the company whether the project is approved or turned down.

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If it is greater than zero, NPV theory tells us to go ahead with the project. The higher the managerial freedom degree, the higher is the example of real options of the investment opportunity.

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For most capital investment in petroleum industry, the timing is the main option to be considered. In many cases, for large sunk cost like investment in offshore petroleum fields, is possible to consider only the timing option.

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In petroleum exploration contract auctions, it is common for the largest bids to be greater than the net present value calculation. This is because the winning bidder was aware that as soon as some initial drilling was completed, the company could — on the basis of the new information gathered from that initial digging — stop the exploration or expand it.

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As occurs with financial options, the key question is when to exercise that option: certainly not when the company has no funds the cost of investing is greater than the example of real options. Investors in financial options should not necessarily invest as soon as they have money, when the benefit of making that choice is greater than the cost — a better option may be to wait until it has lots of money, when the benefits are considerably greater than the cost.

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Similarly, firms should not always invest as soon as their project has an NPV equal to or marginally greater than zero — waiting might be better. When the cost of investing is much less than the benefit Real options theory allows you to wait until you are here before deciding to approve the project Real options theory — an example The majority of companies have embedded in them investment opportunities with a range of managerial options.

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For make money without experience, imagine an oil company whose management thinks it has discovered a new oil field.

However, nobody knows exactly how much oil is in there — neither do they know what the oil price will be when they start pumping that oil. They have two decisions to make: — Purchase the lease and start drilling?

CFA Level 2 (Corporate Finance) - Real Options: Abandonment Option

We know that oil prices can fluctuate significantly. So, it would make more sense to wait until oil prices were considerably higher than an NPV equation of slightly more than or equal to zero before giving the go-ahead.

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In practice, however, valuing real options is extremely difficult, as are pricing the financial options. Video — What are real options?

It starts by comparing them to financial options.

  • Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics Sean Pinder Try the Course for Free Transcript So having identified the fact that NPV analysis might lead to incorrect decision making, if it fails to account for the flexibility that management might have in how it conducts its operations.
  • A real option is an economically valuable right to make or else abandon some choice that is available to the managers of a company, often concerning business projects or investment opportunities.
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