COVID-19 Furlough Scheme Update

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Below we have provided some useful information to consider when these new rules come in place and how they will affect the use of the scheme. You can now start a claim for July on the first of the month instead of after the 14th. Changes from 1st July From 1st July, employers can bring furloughed employees back to work on a part-time basis and they are given the flexibility to decide the hours and shift patterns of put options entitle employees. However, you need to keep a record of the workdays and the furlough days for each put options entitle you brought back to work on a part-time basis.

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As per way to make money in one day current rules, employers can still apply for the grant for the periods they do not work. This will allow employers, especially in the retail and leisure trades who are now mostly being allowed to reopen, to bring employees back to work but also send them home if the stores are not as busy as they had expected.

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From 1st July you cannot claim furlough pay for an employee for the first time. Employers can only claim furlough pay for employees which they already furloughed in a prior period i. Furlough and Holiday Pay Please note that employee holiday pay is accruing as normal throughout the furlough period. If staff booked holidays already, then these days will come out of their holiday allowance as normal.

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Employees also have a right to cancel planned holidays under normal employment rights. Employers are allowed to require employees to take holidays within the furlough period by giving twice as much notice in advance as the holiday period itself.

A long put refers to buying a put optiontypically in anticipation of a decline in the underlying asset. A trader could buy a put for speculative reasons, betting that the underlying asset will fall which increases the value of the long put option. If the underlying asset falls, the put option increases in value helping to offset the loss in the underlying. Investors may go long put options to speculate or hedge a portfolio.

Similarly, if you would like to cancel a planned holiday for a member of the staff, then you will need to give notice in advance at the same number of days as the holiday period i.

This will avoid an employee accruing a full holiday entitlement for the whole year and taking that holiday upon returning. Employees still have the same rights at work, including: Statutory Sick Pay maternity and other parental rights rights against unfair dismissal redundancy payments Grants cannot be used to substitute redundancy payments and HMRC will continue to monitor businesses after the scheme has closed.

Employers do have the right to be selective in who to furlough and under what methodology.

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If staff are off sick, eligible for sickness pay or other statutory pay like parental leave, self-isolating, or have variable contracts like zero-hours or part-time, then the circumstances will need to be considered carefully. If you would like to discuss any of these issues further please send an email to wewillhelp jonathanlea.

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About Andreea Rusu Andreea is a trainee solicitor who manages her own files with supervision and also supports more senior fee earners across a range of different practice areas. She joined The Jonathan Lea Network in as a paralegal and commenced her training contract with the firm in This close-knit retain team is enhanced by a trusted network of specialist self-employed solicitors who, where relevant, combine seamlessly with the central team.

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Top notch! Chris Laing 21 Jun 19 Very helpful and responsive. He gets the job done and exceeds expectations. Gina Leung Professional to the core and very safe hands. Highly recommend.

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Each team member is highly motivated, knowledgeable and personable. Would highly recommend! Elliott Le-Warde 03 Jul 20 Jonathan Lea Network's stellar performance in supporting a complex EIS application to its successful conclusion has been much appreciated.

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Would certainly recommend. Paul Goodale 03 Oct 19 I have known Jonathan a number of years and find his advice invaluable, not only within the realms of his corporate law and startup legal specialisms, but his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship means he also has great insight into other more general areas of business.

We specifically chose JLN due to them having had specific experience with our niche film and TV production companyput options entitle working with Callum Ritchie we received approval in a relatively short timeframe considering the challenges of David Groom 16 Dec 20 Matt and Simon were fantastic.

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