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    After providing the strategy the trade alert is initiated.

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    We then issue daily updates on the progress of the trade signal until it is closed. Using Our Trading Signals You may click on any of the instruments to read the full strategy, updates that were issued and us documenting the progress of the trade.

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    If you click on a closed trade and the access is restricted it is due to the fact an open trade is listed in the strategy. Once all trades in the strategy are closed the page may be accessed by all traders.

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    You may review the detailed trade alerts performance since Maythe trading strategy that was used and the progress of the trade alerts until they were closed in the trades performance page.

    Aside providing the trading strategies and trade alerts we are monitoring our currency market exposure and potential drawdown on all open trades. We ensure we are not over exposed to particular currency and calculate the possible drawdown as a result of the market triggering the protective stop loss order.

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    The drawdown risk management is price of trading signals to trading as without it hefty losses may be incurred. Aside the drawdown management we also bear in mind the positive or negative interest rate swaps at the rollover on open trades in the Foreign Exchange Forex market. Pricing Calculation Paying for forex signals does require to calculate the approximate amount of pips that must be garnered in order to cover the costs of the service in order to further evaluate its benefits to you as a trader.

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