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    Financial Services We don't allow apps that expose users to deceptive or harmful binary options loans products and services.

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    For the purposes of this policy, we consider financial products and services to be those related to the management or investment of money and cryptocurrencies, including personalized advice. If your app contains or promotes financial products and services, you must comply with state and local regulations for any region or country that your app targets - for example, include specific disclosures required by local law.

    We do not allow apps that provide users with the ability to trade binary options.

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    Cryptocurrencies We don't allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices. We permit apps that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency. Personal loans We define personal loans as lending money from one individual, organization, or entity to an individual consumer on a nonrecurring basis, not for the purpose of financing purchase of a fixed asset or education.

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    We do not allow apps that promote personal loans which require repayment in full in 60 days or less from the date the loan is issued we refer to these as "short-term personal loans". This policy applies to apps which offer loans directly, lead generators, and those who connect consumers with third-party lenders.

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