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How to make money a tdp4


    Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games!

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    Spend your hard earned kreds on some of these games! Hide the progress bar forever? Flag farms- To flag farm you make a CTF game title flag farm.

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    A flag farm is when you and a friend purposely take turn capturing each others flag. Doing so you will earn 5coins and 5xp every flag you capture.

    Camping is usually best if you are pretty much just started if you camp all the time people will probably get pretty mad at you so camp at you own risk. You will earn 1coin every kill. So you have what it takes to start pwning.

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    Now you can try to kill people without camping. If you do this you will have a better chance of getting double kills, triple kills, multi kills, monster kills, and if you lucky god kills which multiply you coins every multi kill thing.

    TDP4 is a progressive shooter game where you level a character. You earn coins and cash to buy artifacts and weapons to make yourself stronger. Interface Battle Zone This is where you can create and join matches. Kill everyone and everything.

    You also earn coins everytime you level up. Also you earn cash for every badge you earn.

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    I know what your thinking "oh kreds are worth money im not spending money on kreds. It will take you to a thing press the button that say get kreds for free or something similar.

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    Then one of the most easiest ways is to click the more button and click mobile only do this is you have a cell phone then click and offer that gives you some kreds. I did this ounce and got 56 kreds!

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    You need a cell phone because most of them will ask your your number to txt you a pin to get in. Please give me a shout out if I missed any thing.

    Posted: 13 March, I never expected to have to see this game again - especially not on Steam. I used to play this game - a lot in fact.

    Thank for reading and I hope it helped you.