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Cory Mitchell Updated December 11, Are great returns possible in day trading?

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Because we want it to be true. Most companies know there's a large group of people which will gamble a small amount of money for a huge payoff. And that these people will do it over and over again. Been duped by a late night infomercial?

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That potential coupled with desire means you'll probably repeat the mistake. In other words, the more you really want to be a trader, or the more you really need to make some money quickly, the more likely you are to end up paying for something which may not serve your best interests.

Manipulating Statistics Even those who aren't blinded by desire, but rather are logical and like to look at facts, can be duped into buying a trading product which isn't all it's cracked up to be. One of the main tools used to dupe traders and potential traders are manipulating statistics. Here are some of the ways that is accomplished: Ultimately you want to your trading account to grow. Trading is more than just picking winners; it's having the proper position size for your account on every trade see how to position size in stocksforexand futures.

Get more facts; one trade means nothing. Look at returns on account capital over many trades, not returns on a single trade which are likely selectively picked.

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Dollar returns work the same way. Be aware of open trades. It's possible to open an account, make tons of trades and just close the winners.

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By selectively showcasing only the closed trades, a mischievous company can make it look like they are very successful. When taking into account the open losing trades, though, the picture is less rosy.

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If the trades binary options cfd no stop loss orders or the method doesn't control risk, those trades expose holytrade binary option account to unlimited risk — avoid such a method.

Win-rate is a popular statistic discussed among traders. Because the market constantly gyrates, you could possibly win 9 trades out of 10 by waiting for the price to move slightly onside a small profit and then closing out the trade.

But what about the trades that keep moving against you? The use of percentages may make their claims seem more credible, but they are not.

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We want to see percentages related to account capital; the percentage portrayed doesn't give us that. That isn't very good.

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Traders should be trying to make 1. Information Source In trading, there are at least four stages a trader goes through before they "really get it. Unfortunately, new traders don't know this.

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Within the first couple of years, if a trader sticks with it, they will likely have a stretch where they make a lot of money. Every trade seems to go their way. The new traders don't know this, though, so they think they have holytrade binary option the "holy grail of trading. This is an innocent mistake Unfortunately, often these methods start losing as quickly as they made it. In other words, longevity in trading is important.

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Strategies do have ups and downs, so often it's the longevity of the person providing the advice that's more important than the strategy itself. If taking advice from someone make sure they have at least seven years of trading experience.

While these people may object, brokers, financial planners, and mutual fund managers likely can't help you with being an active trader. What they do is completely different. Only seek advice from someone who has done exactly what you want to do for seven years or more.

If you want to be a day trader, a stockbroker will have little usable data for you; the broker isn't a day trader, even though they may think they know about short-term trading. People who don't day trade are not in a position to give advice on day trading in any capacity. Always consider your information source. Final Word Ultimately, every product has to be marketed in some way or another.

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Just because everything isn't revealed doesn't mean it's a bad method, person or company. Approach with a questioning mind, though. Ask questions if needed, and try not to let your own desire blind you into making a rash decision. Successful traders don't make rash decisions, so if you want to become a successful trader avoid making rash decisions during the education phase.

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Do that and you will be ahead of most others who attempt to conquer the holytrade binary option.