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Option shelving

Price Metal shelving: for every load, for every environment When you are in the market for a shelving unit, there are many different options, materials etc. Take your storage area to the next level. Installation At Shelving Direct, we believe storage should be effortless. Our metal shelving units are quick and easy to install, requiring next to no tools to put them together.

Our Boltless Industrial Shelving is an economical product that has a capacity range of lbs — lbs per shelf depending on the size and configuration. Standard shelf clips allow for quick and easy re-configuration.

How To Choose Between Different Shelving Options

Standard shelving typically takes weeks to ship. Custom shelf sizes are available upon request.

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Bracing Options Shelving needs adequate bracing to retain its structural integrity. A second option is to use solid side panels and back panels.

Bracing Options

The solid panels are a good idea to use to enclose each shelf to prevent product from falling off of the back or sides.

A third and less commonly used option is to provide gussets.

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Depending on the application, this may allow the user to pick from either side of the shelf. Accessories Accessories are available for all shelving sizes. Lockable doors are a popular choice and can be installed to option shelving valuable product.

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Vertical dividers can be used to create compartments across one shelf level for smaller items. Integrated Modular Drawers are great for tool storage and can be installed at any height option shelving the shelving bay. For more examples and information, please look through the links below.

  • Functional & Decorative Shelving Options -
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  • Quick Facts: Industrial Shelving
  • There are various types, sizes, and styles to choose from — exploring all of the options is the best way to customize your warehouse in order to maximize your industrial space.
  • These shelves are made out of popsicle sticks.
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This product is used when a standard shelf may not be large enough or have the capacity to store the product. Wide Span Shelving can be designed to hold over lbs per unit, based on dimensions and configuration.

Our range of shelving is suitable for a diverse range of sectors, including: Retail : Stockroom storage has never been easier with our variety of adjustable shelving systems. Alternatively, our range of hygienic shelving units make for the perfect storage solution for medication and chemicals, fit for all types of laboratories and pharmacy stockrooms Catering : Our hygienic shelving units are also designed to suit all manner of sensitive areas such as chillers and freezers. In particular, our modular Supershelf range provides endless versatility and is the ideal adjustable shelving solution for stockrooms, garment hanging, archive storage, boxed components, tyre racking, and more. Stored in a centrally located warehouse that ensures prompt delivery and customer satisfaction across the Option shelving, our Supershelf systems are built to last and come with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Available Sizes Wide Span Shelving uses a combination of light duty beams, tie bars, frame connectors and posts. Wide Span Shelving Types There are three options to consider for the type of shelf. Wood shelves are used as an economical option that provide a solid surface to store numerous products.

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Solid steel shelves are another solid shelf option that may be used instead of wood shelves to conform with fire and sprinkler requirements.

A third option is to use wire mesh decks. This does not provide a solid surface but may work with storing larger boxes.