Miner who is. A Miner's Story


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    If you have been hired to work in the mining industry, you are considered a "miner" under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of The United States Congress created MSHA to help reduce fatalities, injuries and illnesses among miners in our nation's mines through a variety of activities, including on-site mine safety and health inspections. As a miner, you have certain rights and responsibilities where safety and health are concerned.

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    Holmes Safety Association recognizes miners who work safely for extended periods of time as official "Professional Miners" under a program begun in MSHA encourages all miners to work safely on miner who is job each shift of every day.

    The U. Fewer miners were fatally injured on the job in recent years than ever before in history.

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    However black lung disease among coal miners remains a problem in today's mining industry. Find more information on black lung disease here.

    Training[ edit ] In Europe in former times, before he could become a hewer, the miner had to learn to be a "sorter boy" Scheidejungeidentifying ores and separating the ore from the gangue. After that he would continue his training in the pit itself. Because, in the meantime, many skills required special knowledge, other tradesmen were gradually employed in mining and in the pits: initially metalworkers and, later, electricians. Following training and passing exams, the craftsman had to gain practical experience in order to sit for his hewer examination. This comprised a theoretical and a practical element.

    Miners are encouraged to call attention to safety and health hazards in the workplace that pose a threat to the safety or health of workers. You may contact MSHA anonymously to report any safety or health hazard which is not being fixed by your mining company or operator.

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