8 Rules for Intelligent Guessing in Defence Entrance Exams

Guessing an option

Unless you are really sure of all the questions you have marked, any attempt less than that might leave you lingering uncomfortably around the cut-off.

Usually, you would end up marking questions with full confidence, with elimination as stated aboveand some with guess work. Taking the upper and lower limits, you would end up marking guessing an option between questions and then you are clueless how to proceed further because you still need to reach that mark to conclude with confidence.

This is where you need to make intelligent guesses.

JEE Main 2019: How to guess the correct option in April Examination? Must know these 7 tips

Those who attempt more and more UPSC papers somehow start noticing these hacks, and tend to score little better than others with that much-needed difference in the final exam. A peculiar trend is observed across most UPSC papers, that is the key to our hack. We have observed that the examiners at UPSC are, arguably, generalists, rather than specialists or experts; not all, but definitely a significant number.

This means that, often, they might not know a subject matter as well as experts do, and therefore, rely heavily on published sources such as official websites, books and articles on the internet. When this is the case, framing a question becomes tricky because statements can be devised only based on the available information in the sources rather than the complete subject knowledge of the examiner.

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The major difficulty experienced by an examiner is, therefore, in devising wrong statements that somehow appear deceivingly correct. It is not that he may not know these, but at times this is very difficult when for instance, statements of historical relevance are to be refuted, one needs to know all the historical grounds associated with that issue explained in the Vijyanagara tax example below.

Below, we take some of the past year questions of CSP that may seem difficult in first go, but are a cakewalk if you apply this principle consistently.

6 Test-Taking Strategies for Multiple Choice Exams [With Examples and Data]

We have categorized them based on the corollaries of this principle. Corollaries and Lessons Corollary A: Technology-intensive questions This is where this principle applies the best because guessing an option examiners can declare themselves experts in the domain of emerging technology where there are a lot of gaps or grey areas. Take this for example.

Targeted drug delivery is made possible by nanotechnology Nanotechnology can largely contribute to gene therapy Select the correct answer using the code given below. No arm-chair examiner can refute a futuristic technological possibility that requires years and years of research by some of the most qualified scientists in this field.

CDS Exam Online Coaching 8 Rules for Intelligent Guessing in Defence Entrance Exams Deterring conventional wisdom: Many individuals who take up a multiple choice question have the habit of guessing the middle option as the answer if they do not know. They also avoid answers which show none, all, always and never. Conventional wisdom will never help throughout the exam and so ignoring conventional wisdom is vital for answering a multiple choice answer. Cross out the false answers and by this way the most appropriate answer can be found out. Professors like to throw two similar options at you in an attempt to trip you up.

You can easily mark both statements as correct because it is really hard for an examiner to design a statement otherwise. Genome sequencing can be used to identify genetic markers for disease guessing an option and drought tolerance in various crop plants. This technique helps in reducing the time required to develop new varieties guessing an option crop plants.

Be it the nervousness or the confusing options, you will tend to get confused and GUESS your way through it. So, should you really be guessing answers in CAT? Especially with the questions which have very high difficulty level, it is best to not answer them in case you are in doubt. The chances of losing a mark and lowering your raw score which ultimately dips your percentile is more if you guess most of the answers. The better part of it is that non-MCQs have no negative marking.

It can be used to decipher the host-pathogen relationships in crops. Select the correct answer using the code given below: a 1 only b 2 and 3 only c 1 and 3 only d 1, 2 and 3 Solution: D Observation: Same applies to this question.

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But, the same analysis may not be applied to the other two statements — the technological sophistication in them is not so high, and common sense says that these statements might be right or wrong. In most cases, such a statement would be correct, as is the case here. You never know that a Nature Journal article might talk about this possibility the next day this question appeared in the exam.

OLED displays can be fabricated on flexible plastic substrates.

Intelligent Guessing – UPSC Civil Services Prelims

Roll-up displays embedded in clothing can be made using OLEDs. Transparent displays are possible using OLEDs. Select the correct answer guessing an option the code given below a 1 and 3 only b 2 only c 1, 2 and 3 d None of the above statements is correct Solution: C Observation: The same analysis applies.

The futuristic possibilities and the sophistication indicated by all three statements may not be refuted and there is always a possibility that future research would vindicate them.

Mark statements with futuristic possibilities involving some technological sophistication as correct.

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Corollary B: Hard to verify facts CSP Regarding the taxation system of Krishna Deva, the ruler of Vijayanagar, consider the following statements: The tax rate on land was fixed depending on the quality of the land.

Private owners of workshops paid an industries tax. If you were the examiner, what would it take you to make a statement that negates statement 2?

Your chances of guessing answers in CAT

A lot of research into the financial system of the Vijayanagara Empire! History is vast, it is easy to assert a fact with confidence, but it is quite difficult to negate a certain fact because history is an evolving subject.

If you keep digging, you will keep finding something new. In fact, that is what keeps the research departments in History alive where new University courses in history e.

So, for the examiner to claim that there were no workshop taxes in the Vijayanagara empire, it would really take a lot. He can make his life simpler by asserting the affirmative and move to the next question. From this, you know that such statements that assert a minute historical fact are likely to be correct.

It is capable of swimming up to three kilometres in seawater.

Your Chances of Guessing Answers in CAT

It survives by grazing on mangroves. It lives in the wild and cannot be domesticated. Select the correct answer using the code given below. The examiner is not likely to go through all the research into Kharai camels because it is time consuming and belongs to the domain of wildlife experts. You can safely mark this statement as incorrect.

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There are exceptions to this approach such as the Indus Valley question in that talked about Horses, but these are marginal occurrences and do not qualify nothing works on binary options the trend. Lesson B: Examiner is unlikely to refute statements that dig hard into facts, especially when it is a specialized fact and a matter of research.

In most cases, mark such statements as correct.

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Select the correct answer using the code given below a 1 only b 2 and 3 only c 1 and 3 only d 1, 2 and 3 Solution: c Observation: Statement 2 was framed to deviate you from the right answer. While a number of schemes have a financial component, but when a scheme declares such a financial commitment to be applicable to a large domain, it is likely to be incorrect.

8 Rules for Intelligent Guessing in Defence Entrance Exams

In all three statements, this assistance is being offered to a large number of stakeholders — governments, businesses, universities, individuals, civil society, indigenous people and scientists. It is highly unlikely that such a focussed scheme on Forest Carbon Partnership will give aid to almost all such stakeholders. Lesson C: Too generous and widely applicable financial aid associated with a focussed scheme is unlikely to be true.

Mark them as incorrect.

8 Rules for Intelligent Guessing in Defence Entrance Exams

One of the simplest ways in which you can design a wrong statement is to pick up a list of things A, B, C etc. Fuel cells can be used for powering buildings and not for small devices like laptop computers. Fuel cells produce electricity in the form of Alternating Current AC.