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Like any currency, there are disadvantages associated with using Bitcoin: Bitcoins Are Not Widely Accepted Bitcoins are still only accepted by a very small group of online merchants. This makes it unfeasible bitcoin pros and cons completely rely on Bitcoins as a currency.

Follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram Bitcoin Pros and Cons Many are attracted to Bitcoin due to its independence and pseudo-anonymity. But its convenience of use, speed, and fees may not be as pleasing as one would like. In this article, we outline the most common pros and cons of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Pros and Cons The main advantage of using Bitcoin is that it is both digital money and the payment network.

There is nothing that can done to recover it. These coins will be forever orphaned in the system.

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This can bankrupt a wealthy Bitcoin investor within seconds with no way form of recovery. The coins the investor owned will also be permanently orphaned. Bitcoin Valuation Fluctuates The value of Bitcoins is constantly fluctuating according to demand.

However, there could still be money to be made. But investors need to be willing to stomach a little risk and wait out the bumps. Pro: Growth Potential Perhaps the most appealing thing about bitcoin is that the technology is so new that the growth prospects look compelling. Bitcoins offer a new way for people to exchange funds instantly without going through a third party intermediary. Bitcoin functions on a technology called blockchain, which allows people to transfer assets for just a fraction of the time and money it would take to make the same transaction through traditional financial institutions.

This constant fluctuation will cause Bitcoin accepting sites to continually change prices. It will also cause a lot of confusion if a refund for a product is being made. For example, if a t shirt was initially bought for 1.

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Which currency should BTC tied to when comparing valuation? These are still important questions that the Bitcoin community still has no consensus over.

Although there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in active use today, Bitcoin is by far the most popular and widely used — the closest cryptocurrency equivalent to traditional, state-minted currencies. Like traditional currencies, such as the U. Whole Bitcoin units can be subdivided into decimals representing smaller units of value. Bitcoin is the most versatile cryptocurrency around. It can be used to purchase goods from an ever-growing roster of merchants including recognizable companies like Expedia and Overstock.

This problem can be solved using a third party escrow service like ClearCoin, but then, escrow services would assume the role of banks, which would cause Bitcoins to be similar to a more traditional currency.

As this bitcoin pros and cons a fairly new system, if Bitcoins were adopted widely, and a flaw was found, it could give tremendous wealth to the exploiter at the expense of destroying the Bitcoin economy. Built in Deflation Since the total number of bitcoins is capped at 21 million, it will cause deflation.

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This system is designed to reward early adopters. Since each bitcoin will be valued higher with each passing day, the question of when to spend becomes important.

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This might cause spending surges which will cause the Bitcoin economy to fluctuate very rapidly, and unpredictably. No Physical Form Since Bitcoins do not have a physical form, it cannot be used in physical stores.

Bitcoin Pros and Cons

It would always have to be converted to other currencies. Cards with Bitcoin wallet information stored in them have been proposed, but there is no consensus on a particular system.

Since there would be multiple competing systems, merchants would find it unfeasible to support all Bitcoin cards, and therefore users would be forced to convert Bitcoins anyway, unless a universal system is proposed and implemented. No Valuation Guarantee Since there is no central authority governing Bitcoins, no one can guarantee its minimum valuation.

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  • Similar to any speculative investment, buying bitcoin carries some well-known risks: The price could drop precipitously and a single online hacking or crashed hard drive incident can wipe out your stash of bitcoin with no recourse.
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The decentralized nature of bitcoin is both a curse and blessing. Share this:.

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