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Bitcoin price prediction December. Cryptocurrency Investing Online Course: Buy & Trade Bitcoin & Altcoins For Beginners

  • Bitcoin Price Prediction: Where Is Bitcoin Headed After All-Time High? | InvestorPlace
  • FAQs After a multi-year bear market, Bitcoin was again trading near its all-time high by December
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Where will it go next? And importantly, this all-time high comes just weeks after the cryptocurrency set its last record at the end of November.

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So with crypto bulls all jazzed up, what do you need to know? And what bitcoin price predictions are floating around for and beyond? Source: Shutterstock To start, investors should know about the new record high for bitcoin.

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Clearly, things are moving in Bitcoin price prediction December upward direction with this leading crypto name. Just think about. After that, it dipped lower, worrying investors that the so-called digital gold had lost its touch. Those fears began to subside in when a variety of macroeconomic catalysts started to boost bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin Price Today

Importantly, since hitting that high in November, experts have continued to set higher bitcoin price predictions for and beyond. So what else do you need to know today? And where could bitcoin be headed in the future? There is no one clear answer to that, although many experts are wildly bullish.

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With these price predictions and yet another all-time high in mind, the bull case is just getting stronger for bitcoin. The logic goes that this time around, the rally will hold up.

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With more support, more products and big-picture catalysts, cryptocurrencies make a whole lot of sense. As investors consider the bitcoin all-time high, it is also important to consider where this high comes from. And largely, investors can thank Covid What do I mean?

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Well, the novel coronavirus has massively weighed on the economy. To combat this, Congress and the Federal Reserve have taken up all sorts of fiscal and monetary policies to buoy the stock market and help get the economy back on its feet.

Bitcoin just set a new all-time high above $20,000. Where will it go next?

Plus, lawmakers are once again debating a second round of stimulus funding. Even if we do see legislation come through before the holidays, chances are that a President Joe Biden would usher in even more sweeping relief measures.

For crypto bulls, that creates a perfect scenario to dive into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can see make money videos as a safe-haven asset, a hedge against inflation or simply an investment in the future of finance.

In fact, beyond the bitcoin price predictions, many think the new bitcoin all-time high will boost support for decentralized finance.

The Fundamental Bullish Case

This means that in the coming weeks, some experts think DeFi projects that rely on Ethereum will see the Bitcoin price prediction December.

Keep an eye on bitcoin.

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Who knows when the next all-time high is coming. On the date of publication, Sarah Smith did not have either directly or indirectly any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.