Three-Year Degree Programs

Three- year options

Some students choose to graduate early to reduce the costs of tuition, student loans, and other college-related expenses. Other students want to get a head start on their career or graduate school.

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These savings estimates do not reflect the adjustments that would need to be made to reflect the specific three- year options aid circumstances of individual students. Leverage the alternative credit you earn prior to coming to Messiah Messiah University allows students to count up to 32 semester hours of alternative credit toward graduation.

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Students can achieve this through a variety of ways such as Advanced Options in new york AP Examinations; College Level Examination Program CLEP ; International Baccalaureate courses; or a dual enrollment program being enrolled simultaneously in high school and college-level online coursework. Depending on your desired major, entering Messiah University with this type of alternative credit may or may not be necessary to achieve your early graduation goal.

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It is important to familiarize yourself with the credit requirements for the major you are interested in to understand the alternative credit equivalencies that Messiah will countand to work with your academic advisor as early as possible to assess your goals and determine a plan to achieve them.

Maximize Credit Hours Completing an three- year options degree at Messiah requires between credits, depending on your specific major.

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As a full-time Messiah student, you can take as many as 18 credits in a semester with no extra cost. By taking advantage of the maximum credit load allowed each semester, you can maximize your opportunity to graduate early.

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This is why it is essential to work with your academic advisor as early as possible to determine an individualized game plan to determine if this is an option for you. Take advantage of Messiah's summer online courses Messiah University offers a summer session of online courses which enables you to take up to six credits two courses each summer.

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Summer courses typically fulfill general education credits, although they can also meet major-specific requirements depending on the specific courses offered each summer. Depending on which major or degree you are pursuing, and the amount of alternative credit you entered Messiah with, summer session credit may or not be necessary to meet your early graduation goal.

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Contact Carrie Widdowson, Registrar, at Three-year Degree Options.