Concurrent RPD Development with OBIEE: The Checkmate Approach

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The platform is agnostic in the choice of multi-user development approaches: as long as source control is used, Checkmate can continuously and automatically build, test and deploy BI artifacts.

Spending hours, or even mere minutes, developing in offline mode is a fools errand, akin to writing complex Java code or shell scripts without bothering to periodically execute it to see if it works. None of this is possible in offline mode.

Online development is the only way we can adequately unit test our code: we need immediate results while crafting these checkmate expectation in binary options models. How can we even begin to discuss continuous integration or rapid, Agile delivery when even unit test results are hours or days away?

Our customers are never actually opening an MDS XML repository, but are instead saving back to one whenever they commit their code.

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Regardless of what method we use… there will be conflicts. However, conflicts can be quarantined to the penumbra of the process, and handled just as easily and effectively with MDS XML as with a binary repository.

Concurrent RPD Development with OBIEE: The Checkmate Approach

Since verion Checkmate can even automatically merge the feature branch into the develop branch upon successful regression testing, though none of our customers have taken us up on that yet.

With patches generated as part of the feature branch build, if we have to use the Admin Tool, we can use the incremental patch file and merge straight into the MDS XML repository: Trust me… this works!

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Git can usually handle simultaneous modifications to the same logical table, or a simultaneous addition with an update. Most commonly, this is when there are changes to the same file on both branches. Even in this case, Git will most likely be able to figure it out on its own. But if two people changed the same lines in that same file, or if one person decided to delete it while the other person decided to modify it, Git simply cannot know what is correct.

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Ironically, the two scenarios that Robin lays out in his litmus test about merging are perhaps the easiest two scenarios to remedy with simple process. But the second point is the one I take most issue with… that developers need to be able to treat development like the wild, wild west to participate in Agile delivery. Agile has very strong processes in place some would argue too strongthe only difference is that Agile project managers are constantly reevaluating the application of those processes each and every sprint to make sure that efficiency is the number one goal.

At the end of the day… dual additions to a single logical table is a bad idea… and that requirement has no business being in a litmus test for anything.

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Secondly… Agile development embraces the concept of refactoring, something the BI world is sorely missing. Why not quickly correct the dual Physical Table issue with an alias, open a ticket for it to be refactored, and go on about the business of delivering value? If two developers have indeed made simultaneous additions to the same logical fact… we have numerous solutions to handle this. In an environment where BI development is treated like real development, the merge request would either be rejected as illegitimate, or the Source Master we call it the Gatekeeper would simply open the Admin Tool, close the merge request, and then probably go to lunch.

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Conclusion Robin is very smart and incredibly practical… I respect his opinion as much as anyone I have ever worked with. When they do… Checkmate leaves all the bread-crumbs for an easy and successful Admin Tool merge. But most of our customers prefer to simply plan around these restrictions in the name of efficiency.

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Concurrent development is not about unfettered access binary options khovansky commit whatever we want whenever we want it with the absolute checkmate expectation in binary options that it should merge automatically. We discuss the pros and cons of all the multi-user options when we engage with customers to purchase Checkmate, because at the end of the day, we support binary options signals from a trader of them.

It makes cherry-picking features for a release just plain easy… another important tenant of the Gitflow methodology.

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Bottom line… all of us want to deliver results for whomever our end-user is.