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    Frequently asked questions There is no need for Singaporeans to rush to collect the TraceTogether tokens, said Minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation Initiative Vivian Balakrishnan yesterday. The contact tracing devices can currently be collected at 38 community centres CCsbut will be available at all community centres by the end of next month.

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    Dr Balakrishnan said that from today, Singaporeans are advised to collect their tokens from their area's community clubs and use the Token Go Where website to see when the schedule for distribution would begin there. This is to prevent long queues from building up at distribution points.

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    He was speaking to the media at Buona Vista Community Club yesterday evening, following reports of long queues at some of the collection points on more tokens first weekend since the Government announced that checking in with the TraceTogether app more tokens token would be mandatory by option from 100 at all public venues, including restaurants, workplaces, schools and shopping malls.

    He also gave assurance that there would be more than enough tokens.

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    The current target number of tokens to be produced is about 2. When the tokens were first rolled out, the priority was to distribute them to senior citizens and those who may not have access to a smartphone. But people's preferences will also be taken into account, as some Singaporeans have given feedback that they prefer using the token to the app, said Dr Balakrishnan.

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