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Dynamic Yield Curve The Dynamic Yield Curve tool shows the relationship between multiple interest option yield charts and stocks over time. Under normal conditions, as the bond duration increases the x-axisthe interest rate for that bond should also increase y-axisleading to a yield curve that moves higher as you go from left to right on the chart.

Under certain economic conditions, the yield curve can become flat or even inverted, warning investors to be cautious.

One tool that can help you analyze price behavior more closely is OnDemand for thinkorswim. You see how price behaved when it reached a certain point such as a support or resistance level by going back in time.

Our Dynamic Yield Curve tool allows you to observe the current curve at a glance, explore historical curves and analyze how yield curves behave under differing market conditions. For more information on interpreting the yield curve, please see our Yield Curve article in ChartSchool.

Check out our Dynamic Yield Curve overview video below, or just read on to learn how to get the most out of our Dynamic Yield Curve tool. Click and slide the line over the years you want to examine, or click on the location where you want the line to jump.

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The corresponding yield curve for that time period will show up in the blue chart on the left. Trail Length - Controls the number of additional yield curves displayed.

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The locked curve is displayed in dark red. You can compare the locked curve to the curve from a different date by moving the date slider.

Clear - Removes the current snapshot. Animate - Animates the date slider, allowing you to watch changes in the yield curve over time.

Show Info - When checked, this option displays specific chart values as you move your mouse over the chart. Additional Resources.

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