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You can use it to formalise other financial arrangements, such as who pays the mortgage, at the same time. Pros It gives the arrangement a legal footing โ€” if payments stop, you can ask the court to enforce the order.

Your solicitor might offer a fixed-fee option for drafting the consent order and filing it with the court if you and your ex-partner have agreed the level of child maintenance payments.

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  • Receiving parent: The term used by the CMS to refer to the parent who looks after the child most of the time.
  • Child Maintenance Service Calculate child maintenance You can use the online calculator to find out how much child maintenance you might pay or receive.

You can only do this in England or Wales when there has been domestic violence or child abduction. In Northern Ireland and Scotland, legal aid is still available but in all cases it is means-tested. You might find it difficult to have the same level of flexibility as in an informal family-based agreement, as you would have to go back to court to vary the consent order or Minute of Agreement, risking a build-up of arrears in the meantime.

calculation of CM options

It will work out how much child maintenance should be paid and it can arrange for the money to be paid, if you want it to. Using Direct Pay Direct Pay means the CMS calculates how much child maintenance should be paid and the paying parent arranges how and when they will make the payments. Cons Involving the CMS might increase any bad feeling from your ex-partner.

calculation of CM options

If you need the CMS to enforce the payments, there will be other charges. Find out more information about the Child Maintenance Service on t he.

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UK site. There is a charge for both parents. The paying parent will also have to pay extra charges if, for example, money has to be calculation of CM options from their wages.

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This is money that could have gone towards child support. Applying to the courts for child maintenance There are limited circumstances when you or your ex-partner can apply directly to the court for child maintenance. These include: If the paying parent lives abroad. To arrange the payment of private school fees.

calculation of CM options

To work out how much child maintenance should be paid for stepchildren or disabled children. Find out more about using the courts to arrange child maintenance on the CM Options website opens in new window Your next step Did you find this guide helpful?