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Henderson Sorrel, a festive drink made by steeping hibiscus flowers, is the taste of the holidays throughout the Caribbean. It is also a close cousin to the African-American red drink, described as "liquid soul.

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But throughout the Caribbean, the sip of the season comes in a holiday-appropriate shade of ruby red: sorrel. This sweet, cinnamon-spiced drink gets its festive deep-red shade from bitcoin how to store sorrel flowers of roselle, a species of tropical hibiscus plant used to make it.

Different islands give sorrel their own spin, varying the spices and other ingredients. Some people add ginger ale to the mix. Wine, rum or other alcohols can be used for the optional buzzy kick.

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The Rousseau sisters take the crimson hibiscus buds and combine them in a nominal option with spices like cinnamon, cloves and ginger, boil the mixture for a few minutes, then steep it for two to three days.

Once the mixture is steeped, they add sugar, wine and rum to taste, and chill the blend until the holiday drink is ready to be served.

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The sisters say they like to keep sorrel in their fridge year round — the longer it sits, the richer and sweeter it gets. But this beloved island drink isn't just a local tradition.

It actually has deep roots in the history of the African diaspora, and is a close cousin of another beverage — one with a special place among African-Americans: red drink. The 12 Days Of Quirky Christmas Foods Around The Globe If you don't know what red drink is, then most likely you have never attended a black American church function, family reunion or barbecue, because these gatherings have red drink readily available — not just at Christmastime but throughout the year.

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If you walk into a soul food restaurant and red drink isn't on the menu, you might as well walk out. That's because red drink is "liquid soul," as African-American food historian Adrian Miller has called it.

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But what exactly is red drink, you ask? It is more of a phenomenon than a single drink.

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Most commonly, red drink is served ice cold — and red, of course — a sugary blend of several flavors of Kool-Aid. In the South, red flavored Kool-Aid is available during gatherings, but the most popular red drink often bitcoin how to store sorrel in the form of Big Red, a fizzy canned soda.

A version of the drink is "known as bissap to many African countries," Miller says. It's even being embraced by the Latinx culture, called agua de Jamaica.

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These red concoctions sometimes came in the form of raspberry or strawberry lemonade, or as vinegar shrubs — drinks made of a mix of syrup, vinegar, fruit and sugar. Though these fruit-based drinks were derived from ancestral African traditions, they were often served to white guests of the plantation as hospitality beverages.

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These drinks were often spiked with liquor — the exact kind depended on the type of corn the plantation harvested. At times the liquor and even the kind of molasses used would produce the reddish color, which enhanced the red shade of the fruit-based drinks. After President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation infreedom celebrations emerged amongst the enslaved.

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These celebrations continue to this day in the form of Juneteenth, a holiday marking the end of slavery in Texas that's widely observed throughout the U. At the turn of the 20th century and into the s, "You start to see very specialized drinks like Big Red and the emergence of flavored powdered drinks that you can just make by adding your own water and sugar to taste," Miller says.

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In the Caribbean, sorrel became a Christmastime tradition in part because the roselle hibiscus plant used to be available only during that time of year, says Michelle Rousseau. These days, however, the plant is cultivated year-round, and sorrel is bottled and sold commercially, she says. Interestingly, while America has long had its own strong red drink tradition, Miller says the Caribbean Christmastime sorrel has been gaining a foothold in the U.

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