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Systems for turbo options. Intended use and important factors

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How Turbo Systems are Made - Full-Race Motorsports Tour

First we will try a GTR. This turbo has an 88mm tip diameter 52 trim compressor wheel with a As you can see, this point falls nicely on the map with some additional room for increased boost and mass flow if the horsepower target climbs.

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For this reason, the GT37R turbo family is applied on many of the Garrett Powermax turbo kits that are sized for this horsepower range. This category is for daily driven vehicles that have up systems for turbo options horsepower over stock or wheel bitcoin review. Another option that could also be considered is the GTR which has a slightly larger inducer compressor and the next larger frame size turbine wheel.

This category is for real hot rod vehicles that have up to horsepower over stock and owners that are willing to give up some of the daily utility in order to achieve higher power gains.

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Since this is approaching a pressure ratio of 4-to-1, we are about at the limit of a single turbo on an engine of this size. Since this is a special case and there are so many ways to go about an ultimate power diesel application, it is not possible to cover it adequately in this article.

  • Chevrolet big-block V8 engine with parallel twin-turbos Porsche flat-six engine with parallel twin-turbos A parallel configuration refers to using two equally-sized turbochargers which each receive half of the exhaust gases.
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There are, however, some general guidelines. At this power level, as stated above, it is a good idea to consider a series turbo application.

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This is a situation where one turbo feeds another turbo, sharing the work of compressing the air across both compressors. The low-pressure compressor feeds the high-pressure compressor which then feeds the intake.

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On the turbine-side the exhaust first passes through the systems for turbo options turbine and then on to the low-pressure turbine before being routed out through the tailpipe. We can still calculate the required mass flow, but the pressure ratio is more involved and questions should be discussed with your local Garrett Powermax distributor.

To calculate the required mass flow, we use the normal equation.

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This time the power target will be wheel horsepower over stock, for a total of wheel horsepower This air flow rate will apply only to the low-pressure compressor as the high-pressure compressor will be smaller because it is further pressurizing already compressed air.

In most cases, the high-pressure turbo tends to be about two frame sizes smaller than the low pressure stage.

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Generally speaking, the proper turbine housing is the largest one that will give acceptable boost response on the low end while allowing for more optimal top end performance.

This information should be used as a starting point for making decisions on proper turbo sizing.

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Of course, for more specific information on your engine, consult a Garrett Powermax distributor. Choose your path.