14 Sites That Pay You To Chat and Answer Questions Online

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Chances are that you must have heard a lot of people talk about making money online with affiliate marketing, online courses, blogging, e-commerce and Google Adsense.

For online courses, creating a good online course does not take days or weeks.

  • So you agreed that you know something extra than the others in a specific subject.
  • Tweet When I try an amazing product or have a stellar experience with a business, I love to share that experience with others.

It actually takes months. If you are thinking about starting an online store, you probably have to spend money buying inventory before you even start selling. How does that work?

Get Paid to Give Advise and Answer-14 Cool Websites

You can establish yourself as an expert in certain areas by either answering questions on Quora, giving value for free in relevant Facebook groups or write a guest article for an online publication that has your audience. The more questions you answer, the more exposure you get and the more people you reach. In your mind, you might be thinking that you are giving too much valuable advice away for FREE. Give first before you take.

It works wonders in business and other aspects of your life as well. When you give value for free, you gain trust and establish your expert status.

Get Paid To Give Advice (Make Money Chatting)

If they ever need to hire help in your make money giving advice of expertise, you would probably be the first one they reach out to. When you are selling your advice, you just need to have a working email address or Skype account to get started.

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A website is a good-to-have because you can use your website to build an online presence and establish authority in your niche. An email autoresponder software make money giving advice good-to-have because you can create a powerful email sequence to help you sell your coaching offer and convert subscribers into paying clients.

There is also another web hosting that I recommend which is NameCheap.

This website currently has a user base of more than 20 million people from all over the world. Besides, it has already made its name as one of the best platforms to cash in on your knowledge. Live Advice Job Profile: Give expert advice Earning Potential: Fix your own hourly rate Availability: Worldwide If you are an expert in personal coaching, and you want to provide life guidance and financial advice, then Live Advice is surely the best option for you.

For email autoresponder, there is an email marketing software called MailChimp which allows you to use it for free as long as your list of subscribers does not exceed 2, However, my experience with MailChimp is not very pleasant.

When my free account was still under subscribers, my free account kept getting suspended for a couple of times for no good reasons.

Get Paid to Give Advice Online: 20 Ways to Make Up to $25/hr

GetResponse is also a much more affordable email marketing service compared to its other competitors such as ConvertKit. When you create an online course to sell or choose an affiliate offer to promote, you are likely to get paid only once.

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To make more money, you will need to get new buyers and make new sales. When you sell your advice online, you can avoid this problem by using a monthly recurring revenue business model.

14 Sites That Pay You To Chat and Answer Questions Online

You structure your online coaching program in such a way that your clients would pay you on a monthly recurring fee until canceled by either party. When you focus on getting recurring clients, you are no longer starting each month with zero revenue. It can take a lot of pressure off you. That is the beauty of a recurring revenue business model. For my graphic design business, I had a team of freelance graphic designers whom I outsource all the work to.

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First, you find in-demand services that freelancers are already offering at a super low price on freelancing websites. Then, you market their services to businesses that need it. Make money giving advice you get a sale, you hire the freelancers to deliver the work for you.

How you make money is that you quote a higher price to your clients than what your freelancers quote you and pocket the price difference as your profit.

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For this new online business, I offer my personal 1-on-1 coaching through emails on a monthly basis. The key to retaining clients is to give as much value as possible to your clients. This way, they will stay on with you month after month.

Get Paid to Give Advice: Top Websites That Can Get You Started!

After I have had success in launching my monthly recurring 1-on-1 coaching program for service arbitrage, I decided to create another new product. It is a NEW 1-on-1 email coaching program that is designed to help people start a blog and launch their own monthly recurring coaching program.

Once you have a profitable business system, all you need to do is to replicate it and use it to launch more products or start another business in a new niche.

Yes, the commission rate is attractive. Your course materials must be really great to justify the high price tag.

Pick a niche, and be sure that you can walk the talk! Before you even begin to consider getting paid to give advice online, you should ensure that you can offer quality advice.

Also, you might need a team to help create, market and sell your online courses. A lot of work needs to be done upfront and a lot of time and money are invested right from the start. However, it is a totally different story when it comes to an online coaching program.

Why Selling Your Advice Is Probably The Best Online Business To Start With

You can choose to offer a basic coaching package for a standard rate. Or, you can put together a premium coaching package to get a high ticket sale. Step 1: Pick A Niche First, you need to determine what type of advice you can sell.

Become An Online Counselor Want to get paid to give advice? Plus you can give yourself a fancy title and specialize in various fields. You could even get paid to give relationship advice if you specialize in relationships. Long gone are the days where counselors are confined to in person sessions.

You want to pick one that people are willing to pay for. In other words, you must make sure that there is already a demand for it.

20 Ways to Get Paid to Give Advice (That People Want to Hear)

One of the best ways to validate your idea is to do a simple Google search and see if there are already other people doing it. If there are already people offering it, that is a good sign that there is a market for what you want to sell. As long as you work harder or provide a better service, you can definitely get paying clients and make money.

Here are just some proven profitable niches for you to consider: Career Advice.