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Working in option. Navigating the new normal


    Coronavirus and your staff: what if working from home is not an option? But what options are left when working from home is not possible?

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    Please see our latest update on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme here. We examine what routes are available in this situation — and if layoffs or redundancy become necessary, what the main considerations are.

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    Where home working is not possible, employers have the following options: Pay their employees whilst they do not work which is not sustainable for a length of time. By agreement, pay employees a reduced rate of pay whilst they do not work, and permit them to take annual holiday on full pay despite it not having fully working in option.

    Lay off employees without pay subject to the government grant announced on 20 March.

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    Please read our analysis here. Make employees redundant. Lay off Lay off occurs when employees are not provided with work by their employer, their pay is reduced, but the employment contract is not terminated by the employer as the situation is expected to be temporary.

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    The following points arise: There is no statutory right for employers to working in option off employees without pay or reduced pay. Some employers may have a provision in their contract allowing for lay off without pay or reduced pay.

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    If so, follow the provisions in the contract. Employees must let employers know their intention to claim statutory redundancy pay.

    Copying an option group is convenient when you have an existing option group and you want to include most of its custom parameters and values in a new option group. You can also make a copy of an option group that you use in production and then modify the copy to test other option settings. Include the following required options: --source-option-group-identifier --target-option-group-description Example The following example creates an option group named new-option-group, which is a local copy of the option group my-option-group.

    It allows them continuity of employment and keeps open the prospect that pay will be resumed in the foreseeable future. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme — how does it work? Read our update here.

    Introduction We help young people fulfil their potential Working Options in Education helps young people to aim high and fulfil their potential. Our employability and life skills programme is delivered free in schools, colleges and online through our well-established links with employers — particularly in the food, drink and retail industry. We offer young people multiple interactions with employers including expert insight from industry, skills workshops, online content, access to industry events, work experience and placements. The widening opportunity gap in employment prospects means that we particularly focus on engaging disadvantaged young people.

    This is not a substitute for formal legal advice, given in the context of full information under an engagement with Bates Wells. All content on this page is correct as of March 16, Share insight:.