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MT4 MT5 Description KT Pin Bar Indicator identifies the pin bar formation which is a type of price action pattern which depicts a sign of reversal or rejection of the trend. When combined with support and resistanceBRN and other significant levels, Pin Bar pattern proved to be a very strong sign of reversal.

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They have very large wicks and small candle body. A pin bar candlestick can be a bullish or bearish candle, but as long as its structure meets the characters of perfect pin barcolor of the candle doesn't really matter.

Suitable for swing trading strategies. Define the candle max.

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Alerts included. In a trending market, price often keep going in the same direction regardless of any pin bar.

How to trade with the best pin bar pattern indicator?

Don't treat every pin bar formation equally. The pin bar formed with the small candle body are the weakest. Range in Pips: Max.

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Range in Pips: Min. Rest of the inputs are self-explanatory.

The download link for the Pin Bar Indicator on way down below towards the end of this post. When you place this pin bar indicator mt4 on your mt4 charts, this chart below is what you will see: What this Pin Bar Detector does is displays red and green arrow as shown on the chart when a pin bar forms. Here are some things you need to know about pin bars: A pin bar is a bar that has a very long tail, a small body and a very short head or none at all.

If you would like to know more about the pin bar pin bars indicator, we have an excellent blog post covering some useful pin bar trading strategies. Screenshots Help others make better choices.

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