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Work in pro- trading. 20 Rules Followed by Professional Traders

He has provided education to individual traders and investors for over 20 years.

Tip 2: For the next 12 months, pick one system and make a contract with yourself that you will not change your method again. No matter what. The money is made by waiting — trade your plan Your weekend should be your most important day of the week.

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I mostly just follow my trading plans and do a quick trading plan update every 2 days. It always was my sitting.

Thanks for visiting! For more examples, see the articles on fixed income trading and equity trading. Slightly More Legitimate — These firms will give you a bit more in real training but also charge you a monthly fee to access their data and trade. Legitimate Prop Trading Firms — These companies pay you a base salary and benefits, give you training, and place you in a team that lets you grow and develop.

Got that? My sitting tight!

No more chasing and impulsive trade execution! Tip 3: Price alerts are the ultimate time-saver and the most overlooked trading tool.

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Use them after you have done your weekend analysis. However, failure typically comes down to undisciplined trading, a lack of professionalism and a pure gambling mentality. Thus, the first step for you should be to identify your greatest problems and your most commonly made mistakes. Traders who always try to blame their system avoid taking responsibility and look for excuses instead of doing the work that is necessary.

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Then come up with a top 3 list with your most commonly made mistakes. Such a way of thinking shows an amateur mindset.

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The professionals, on the other hand, act from a process-oriented mindset where they look at how well they have executed their trades and how disciplined they perform. Thus, for a process-oriented trader, a loss does not necessarily equal a bad trade if they have done everything they work in pro- trading. This will be tough but the impact will be huge.

What do you really want out of life? There is an interesting survey I came across and it shows how people structure their day. The average employed American spends hours at work on a regular workday.

At the same time, the average American watches 2 hours and 9 minutes TV each day and only invest 25 minutes per day in education. Also, the average sleep time is at 8 hours and 48 minutes which exceeds the recommended 8 hours per day by almost 1 hour.

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When you are working towards becoming a profitable trader, you have to be clear about your priorities and make sure that your actions align with your goals. Are you willing to wake up one hour ahead of schedule every day, stop binge-watching random TV series, skip a night out with friends every now and then and re-invest that time back into your trading?

You can easily find 2 hours right there. Tip 6: Audit your week and identify time wasters.

Then, just eliminate 1 such time-waster and use it to work on your trading. When I then counter with the question how much those people are currently making, it becomes obvious very fast that they are focusing on the wrong things at the right time and they are not even profitable yet.

Especially at the beginning of your trading journey, you should not worry about how big your annual return can be and how much capital you need to save to quit your day job and travel the world. Focusing on those things will get you off track and keep you from making progress — it can also demotivate you when you see how much work is ahead of you and how far away you are from reaching your goals. Instead, focus on your current problems and struggles.

Then you can start making baby steps and slowly but surely! Tip 7: Focus on the immediate task ahead and work on your current problems.

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Small improvements over time add up. The dangers of demo trading There is a place for demo trading, but most people stay work in pro- trading demo too long.

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What I have seen in my own trading and from the traders that I helped is that demo trading often lets people adopt negative behavioral patterns that are then very hard to unlearn. I typically suggest staying on demo for the first 6 — 12 months max!

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But you have to make sure that you follow the right path. Always keep in mind that what you are doing is creating how to spend money to make money new life and a new career for you. You have to get away from the get rich quick mentality and accept that this is a long-term play. August Tip Adopt realistic expectations and avoid monetary goals.

Take Your Trading to the Next Level

When trading is not your only source of income, you can eliminate a lot of the pressure that often causes traders to make mistakes. Tip Understand your motives and become self-aware about how you perform work in pro- trading while achieving your life goals. Analyze your approach to trading realistically, your level of professionalism and whether you are serious enough about it.

Tip Are you serious enough about trading? Be honest with yourself and evaluate your current approach to trading.

Benefits Learn How To Trade Profitably Have instant access to our core profitable trade strategies from our professionally qualified traders with years of experience. We will show you how to trade and make a trading income that you can do forever. We will do this live in front of you inside our hour live trading chat room. Whether you work full time or have time to day trade, our live trading chat room will always be open to trade ideas. We cater for the Day Trader and the busy person who needs to learn in the evenings.

Below is a message from David who is one of our pro members. After joining our course, he is optimistic again about reaching his goals and becoming a full-time trader.

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