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Work without option

Viewed 3k times 0 I've created a plugin. In the initialisation file of my plugin I created an work without option page with some options to be stored by the admin.

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In another file within the plugin folder, I need to get these options back and store them in variables. I can get it working if I include an abs path to wp-config. Edit: As requested, more detail regarding what I am trying to acheive.

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I am creating a newsletter signup plugin which submits an email to an external API. The customer will see an input box, pop their email in and it will be added. Once it's added, I want to reroute them to a success page.

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I have created a plugin which consists of two files. Included is the creation of the plugin, the creation of an admin menu item and an options page.

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The options page has a bunch of admin login details needed by the API. This file also creates a widget the front-facing part of the plugin with the custom email input box.

The widget is pretty simple.

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It's a form with one input. It POSTs the email address data to another script called dotmailer-add. The API required an authorisation key.

  1. If this is the first time you run bundle install and a Gemfile.
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This auth key is one of the options I have asked the admin to set. This is where the problem occurs.

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If I require wp-config. You can see the code in it's entirety here.