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Inside the Caldera de Taburiente If possible get four wheel taxi up to start of walk. Then walk around the canal what in Madeira would be called a levada following the contours of a steep tree-lined barranco walking through 13 tunnels stooping to avoid hitting your head. Tunnel number 12 is wet inside - one guide book described it as like a power-shower. Also don't miss the lookout - a volcanic dyke about two feet wide with sheer drops on both sides, but protected by handrails with totally stunning degree views - makes Symond's Yat look a bit pathetic.

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Photography Holidays We organise dozens of seasonal trips at The Picture Maker covering a very wide range of genres and interest that vary in duration. We also enjoy trips further afield including a week-long trip in La Palma, Canary Islands.

No spam ever, we promise! Never Miss a Post! The Canary Islands are incredibly popular holiday destinations, especially for Brits looking to escape the gloom for some winter sun.

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Located off the coast of Morocco, the Spanish territory consists of an archipelago of 7 islands that are known for dramatic scenery, volcanoes and black sand beaches. These islands have countless resort hotels and developed tourist towns and are perfect for a family holiday. But when we mentioned going on holiday to La Palma, not a single person we spoke to had even heard of this island.

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The island is tiny, but because of the terrain, it can take ages to get from A to B — to cross the island from east to west you quite often end up above the cloud line. We chose to stay in the north-west of the island which is renowned for its hiking, stunning scenery and most importantly, peace and quiet.

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What seemed like a hair-raising drive on day 1 felt like nothing at all after a couple of days, you quickly get used to the narrow mountain passes. We stopped off briefly at the Caldera de Taburiente National Park Headquarters in the middle of the island to get some hiking information and then headed straight to the village of Puntagorda which would be our home for the week.

Walking in Santa Cruz de la Palma, Canary Islands - What to do on Your Day in Port

After checking in, resurrecting my rusty Spanish and grabbing a lovely tapas dinner, it was time for bed. The north is lush, green and has a tropical feel. Once we made it down to the south it had a more stark, volcanic landscape — the youngest volcanoes on the island are in the south and they are still creating more land today. We stopped for a great seafood lunch at a tiny bay and then visited the salt mines on the southern tip of the island.

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The most recently active volcano on the island, San Antonio, has a visitor centre and you can walk around the edge of the caldera. Some of the telescopes at Roque de Los Muchachos I had no idea that La Palma was such an important centre for astronomy but scientists from all over the word have giant telescopes here and we got to tour the British observatory which was pretty amazing. Mar 21, at am PDT Day 4 — Caldera de Taburiente The location is utterly stunning, the bowl of an enormous volcano which has had hundreds of years to cultivate gorgeous pine trees.

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There are a number of trails crossing through the Caldera de Taburiente and we decided to hike the Caldera rim from La Cumbrecita to Pico Bejenado, how you can earn more in freebitcoin promised a lovely view into the whole volcano basin. The staff are very knowledgeable and can help you plan your itinerary. Despite the lack of information, the trails were very well maintained.

It was lovely, quiet and wonderful to hike at my favourite time of day, the early morning when the pine starts warming up and smelling divine.

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We spent the day road tripping the coast, along winding roads that are tucked right into the cliffs. The Dream Paths, which start in the tiny making money on the island of la palma of Las Tricias, descend into a canyon where people have been living perched on the cliffs for s of years.

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There are ancient cave dwellings to visit and you can see how people are still making their homes today — with no car access and precariously balanced on the cliffs. The Dream Paths are like stepping back in time and a lovely way to spend half a day. It may not be a secret anymore, but the many steps down to the beach seemed to put people off and we were the only folks watching the surfers on this stunning coast.

Make your way into a caldera, or peer into spectacular deep canyons. Cross the island, with the clouds beneath you or following a string of volcanoes. Surrender to the charm of the trails in La Palma.